Default weapon attack modifiers.

Hi newb player here enjoying the game so far.

Started just a couple of days ago but have quite a lot of expericence in PoE/D3 so most knowledge and mechanic understanding transfered here. However there are these skills which replace the default weapon attack an have certain skill effects which can only activate from them. I’ve read some guides about “WPS” but did found anything concrete.

I was running this shaman + soldier char and was maxing out Savagery which is one of the above. I was lacking AoE so instead of using two skills tried maxing out Feral Hunger and Zulhan’s Technique as well as Markovian’s Advantage for the extra damage. I see them proc individually but it’s hard to test if they can do so at the same time because feral hunger has a very intense purple effect which eclipses the others.

So my questions are:

  1. Can all these default weapon attack effects activate at the same time?

  2. How do the wepaon damage, extra phys, extra bleeding etc work?

  3. Is it based off your weapon alone or does it take into account the extra base lightning/phys from savagery and shaman passives?

  4. How do them interact with the %bonuses per savagery stack?

Only one WPS can proc at a time, so you won’t for example get Feral Hunger and Zolhan’s Technique to activate simultaneously.

When a WPS does proc, the weapon damage for it and the default attack (or replacer) get multiplied together and the non-weapon damage (e.g. Lightning/Bleed on Savagery or Bleed on Feral Hunger) for both get added together.

Oki thanks.

Also a fairly new player here.

So if I have multiple WPS, are the procs for each calculated independently? If two WPS are calculated to both “proc”, how does the game decide which one actually procs?

Also, is Upheaval the exception to this rule, since it has a 100% proc rate and would displace other WPS otherwise?

The opposite. Other WPS override Upheaval. It can only trigger from normal attacks, so if you have a 100% WPS chance, you can never trigger Upheaval.

Also, the game can’t calculate more than one to proc at the same time anyway. Imagine rolling a 100-sided die, and the successful roll for Bursting Rounds is 1-20 and Chilling Rounds is 21-40. There’s no overlap.

I see, so each WPS simply adds its proc chance to the total proc pool. And Upheaval only procs when the other WPS do not.

Yes, now you understand. :slight_smile: