Default weapon attack replacer for pistols

Well, after came live, we got at least two extra DWA replacer for S&B or DW: Belgothians Strikes from corresponding set and Fleshwarped Strikes from brand-new MI scepter (maybe I’m missing something and there is more). And there is no love for ranged builds.
I think some cool DWA specialised for ranged weapon could be really nice, as it can be left-button skill for Inquisitor-based combos other than Tactician, Purifier or Vindicator, especially combined with Inquisitors WPS’s.
It could be some aether scepter-like MI, new ‘big’ set or even dual pistol set like Barrelsmiths one.
What do you guys think about it? Would be glad to hear some dev’s opinoin on that also.

Have you considered the Shard of Beronath component? That does elemental damage, like the Inquisitor WPS.

Cadence, Savagery and Fire Strike can also be used with ranged. Cadence for ranged supports piercing shots (through Fighting Form) and Fire Strike supports splinter shots (through Brimstone).

As Anathema mentioned, Shard of Beronath can be used even at endgame and do well if you overlap it with the Inquisitor’s WPS skills.

I know you made this topic for pistols but if you don’t mind going 2-handed, the Runebinder’s Spellthrower is tailor-made for 2-handed Elemental Inquisitor and features it’s own default attack replacer.

He specifically mentioned that those 3 were the only 3 skills that you have an option to use. As far as the Shard of Barenoth goes, it’s not as good as the new melee only options given. The percent damage they do is kind of low, but better than nothing.

My mistake :rolleyes: More options is never a bad thing then.

Sacred Strike from Blessed Steel component. My Mage Hunter is using that at the moment. Have that on one gun and Hell’s Bane Ammo on the other to electrify my weapons. :slight_smile:

Fire Strike is great for Purifier, Savagery for Vindicator and Cadence for Tactician.

What’s the point of making a ranged LMB when they already have great options? Not to mention, wasn’t Fire Strike ranged only at first?

But there’s nothing for Apostate, Mage Hunter, Infiltrator or Deceiver. The OP does say other than Purifier, Vindicator and Tactician. Hence component use such as Shard of Beronath or Blessed Steel to give you an LMB skill for those classes.

Being too tired leads me to not read very well.

It was already mentioned but didn’t ranged got Runebinder Spellthrower in the expansion? That easily works with Mage Hunter and Inflitrator. Same with Shard of Beronath.

Yes, if you want a two-hander. Otherwise it’s components for dual wield pistols.

Runbinder’s Spellthrower

That does look interesting. Unfortunately it does make you go Elemental damage. It also has terrible percentages on the damage part seen (worse than the shard), but there is a hidden component I do not understand.

Don’t know what you mean when you say it has terrible % damage parts than Shard of Beronath, Runic Bolts looks vastly superior in every conceivable way to Beronath’s Fury.

It’s hard to compare really. I was misunderstand what I was looking at. It’s a weapon of pure elemental damage, and it tied directly to that weapon only. It makes it really hard to compare in any way really. Besides, he was talking about pistols anyway.