Deferred Rendering and AA

With Deferred Rendering ON and AA ON everything gets blurry. I think this is a well known issue.
I don’t know if it is possible to fix the used FXAA method or if you need to implement another AA method (if this is possible).

Because of the fact that with FXAA ON everything gets blurry, I play with DR ON and AA OFF (like the most players I think). I already tested workarounds like activating AA through NVIDIA settings, but I couldn’t see a difference except lower performance.

I really like Deferred Rendering for better performance, particles and reflections, but the little edges (with AA OFF) annoy me, especially if I zoom in to see my character or the environment.

If you could fix this issue I would be very happy and I think many other players too.

Thank you in advance!

This actually helps. Thank you very much.

I assume you use Image Sharpening with AA ON, right?

Using Image Sharpening with AA ON is much sharper than without Image Sharpening, but it is a little bit more blurry than Sharpening OFF and AA OFF. Is Sharpen 0.25 and ignore film grain 0.25 the optimal setting for you (best graphics and performance balance)?

Do you know if the Image Sharpening has a huge impact on performance?

Thank you in advance!


Honestly I haven’t tested it at too many other setting levels yet but so far it seems to be fairly clear for me.

Searching around on Google I found this…

Looks like maybe a 1-2% performance hit at most. I haven’t noticed anything much on my end.