Defiler: Eidolon of Destruction

War and Desperation

Renegade Demolitionists of the Imperial Army defied orders and sought to learn the forbidden powers of necromancy, a decision which sealed their fate. The Necromancer taught them the ebb and flow of the spirit world, however, this particular Necromancer had his own plans to defend (or conquer) Cairn. He tormented and twisted the group of would be heroes into his own elite offensive force, The Eidolon.

The Necromancer’s plan for The Eidolon was to have them lead undead armies at his will, however this proved to be extremely difficult; his new minions were uninitiated in the art and were servants in life, lacking any shred of a commanding presence. He quickly realized that these servants must use what they already knew to their advantage.

Rather than sowing necromantic energy into undead servants, The Eidolon rips the souls from enemies, and use their vital force to depravely empower their implements of war. Every shell… every explosion… unleashes the wails and shrieking of lost souls, ushering a haze of death and clamor on the battlefield.

Defiler: The Eidolon

This build focuses on converting fire to aether damage, using a combination of mortar traps, flash bangs, and siphon souls for offense; spectral wrath, vindictive flame and blast shield for defense. Dreadfire is a core item for this build in ultimate difficulty


Mortar Trap - Heavy Ordinance - “The Big One” (Aetherfire)
Flashbang - Searing Light (Arcane Bomb)
Siphon Souls - Sear Souls (Phoenix Fire)
Ill Omen (Time Dilation)
Flame Touched (Turtle Shell)
Blast Shield
Vindictive Flame - Ulzuin’s Wrath (Spear of the Heavens)
Spectral Binding - Spectral Wrath (Giant’s Blood)
Mark of Torment


Get mortar trap to level 17* asap, assign Imp (aether fire) to mortar trap
level 17 gives 2 mortar max (Find any +1 mortar trap / all demolitionist item)

Next devotion is vulture ->
Behemoth ->
Widow (assign arcane bomb to flashbang)

You will find this build is fairly easy to level up with, level up skills at your hearts content.

In ultimate vs difficult enemies, you can combo siphon souls, mark of torment, and apocalypse; and reset the combo with time dilation trigger from Ill Omen.

I don’t quite understand why you sent an unfinished theory crafted build.

While the idea of aether mortars is fine, it’s incomplete. You’re still stuck with loads of physical damage that’s not supported by your gear and not converted into something more useful either. Until you can do something about that, this build is rather weak.

^What they said.

The writing is good though. I enjoyed it.