Defiling the Defiler

alrighty, so apparently Demo is this weird boi with minimal Aether support despite featuring the "best"highest base aether RR skill :thinking:
thinking i’d take advantage of this, and not do something silly like Aether Stun Jacks or Aether Firestrike (who’d ever be that crazy :no_mouth:), i decided on the more sane choice of; Aether Canister Bomb - with a little Aether Ravenous Earth for backup

i currently have 2 sketches in progress, please feel free to point out how silly this is and why it is fail and wont survive a slap from a wet noodle

^notice the primo phys res, sweet armor, completely reasonable DA and CC resist, gorgeous CDR, and ofc the totally not 98% lack of sustain :ok_hand:

-all in all i think Aether Defiler is in a really good spot and totally doesn’t deserve a little bit more love to actually take advantage of those aether mines
granted i kinda suck at these things, so i’m totally sure there are much better Aether Canister/BWC/Nado/Mortar approaches to be made :+1: by people that actually know wth they are doing @_@

Aether Demo can also work to some extent with the Agrivix set

But that set Defiler part is quite lacking I think.

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That is not that bad as it sounds actually. Don’t know about ranged version but DW melee Aether FS is good enough, both as Defiler and Sorc.

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hence the sarcasm :wink:

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