demo and shaman misshap

I rolled a demo and got him fairly high but selected shaman as 2nd, could someone help me make a decent build using these two classes? I have a preference to range. Should I just reroll or is there something here with potential.

I think you can undo the choice if there are no points in the mastery. Otherwise, I haven’t played a lot of demo, but it has plenty of options to support a ranged primal strike build (Flashbang, VF, Flame Touched, Blast Shield, Grenado, etc. etc)

If you close the window before undoing it I believe it locks it in. If you’re still level 10, it shouldn’t be hard to recoll and pick the one you wanted.

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A demo using 2 handed guns can benefit from a lot of shaman skills related to health, and there is huge synergy in terms of lightning.

There are at least three unique builds with this mastery combo that I can imagine, one of them mainly using component lightning skills from lodestones and amber. Energy intensive, but lethal.

I am past the chance to cancel the selection, so I am locked in. I didnt consider that having more then one element could be strong because its easier to stack gear of one particular element. I have been pouring all of my skills into demo but im too much of a glass canon. So I need the defense off another class, il do some more research into shaman and post result here when I have something feasable, thanks for the input!

Primal Strike 2h ranged Elementalist works pretty well. It probably would work with Fire Strike too. I have one in Ultimate that is quite solid.

I like having two or three, so that things don’t get too ugly when fighting enemies that are particularly resistant to one.

Heart of the Wild is good for adding health (but wouldn’t be as important for ranged than melee, necessarily).

Flashbang/searing light are terrific in preventing damage. Blackwater has a multitude of debuffs you can apply to enemies or you could use the shaman vines to slow enemy attack speed and movement. There are lots of tools to help you kite. Blast Shield can help you get out of a bad situation if things go sideways.

Sure I can help you. Lemme just make you a video of an easy demo/shaman thing.

I did not put a lot of time in this…but it should give an idea. lemme just make a video

EDIT: Read it was about ranged…sorry can’t help ya there.