Demolitionist bomb/grenade build?

Is there anything viable for that in the release build? Only thing I found was a build from way back in build 20 or so. Kinda want to try it, but don’t want to waste time if it’s not remotely viable for highest difficulty.

Demo with Arca is super viable. Not grenade but Blackwater coktail (nearly the same idea^^).

Lots of controls, procs, a panic button… Nice setup on my opinion.

So the grenado and canister bomb aren’t really viable then?

Yes they are, its not hard to make go fire damage and max the needed skills, get Ulzuins chosen.

BWC is not the same as grenado and canister bomb, you clearly lack demo experience.

I find BWC boring only reason it is cool is that it is good for proc’s.

He wants to blow shit up.

Yeah, kinda want to try using a lot of bombs in my build, but I just completely suck at making viable builds myself, which is why I’m just asking around.

Grenado is great single target you do not need skyfire unless you plan to use lighting damage.

It is very much a skill shot at times vs moving targets but is very good feeling for impact. The build needs Ulzuin’s to function, I tend to make the combo use Arcanist as you can get deference, and elemental conversion for grenado.

Flash freeze works extremely good with this build for the fire resist reduction on frozen targets.

Use fire components for a 3ed fire spell untill you can make or trade for conflageration relic as even without cast speed it is a good backup spell.

Your going to want to look for a few items to make the build shine.’s-Vanity

seem really good for the build. and its empowered version will more than likely be your shoulders for life.

There are more items that fit the build but I fear I may make a wall of text.

Thanks for the help! And no worries if it’ll become a wall of text, if it’s to help I don’t mind reading it :smiley:
I was thinking for devotions to build towards Ulzuin’s torch by getting imp, fiend etc. Think that’d be good?

Well the other item I have seen that would work is. the max fire resist will help keep you from hurting yourself from your own attack on reflect and its stats are great.

CDR is going to be a major stat for you, be warned it is easy to eat your energy pool once you get Ulzuin’s maxed, it is not too rare to get 3+ casts of grenado in a row go off due to its chance for 100% cooldown to both canister bomb and grenado.

Keep an eye out for packs of reflect if you think reflect is coming after you throw pop your mirror skill in arcanist to save your ass a lot of damage.

Improved casing on canister bomb allows the explosion to become so large that a direct hit on a boss will get him with every explosion for some insane damage.

Grenado’s physical damage works with conversion to allow for even more fire damage.

Damage stat priority CDR, OA (untill you have >100% chance to hit a higher level boss than you, % fire damage lots of it, then conversion when you can find it. No need for cast speed but getting some is not a bad thing.

Despite the minor loss in damage 1 point in the stun transmuter for canister bomb will help keep some of the tough monsters off you for a few seconds if they live.

Early game I rush skill points till I get grenado toss a few points in then rush to canister bomb and max it first then work on maxing your tree wile finishing your grenado line, run into a group get as big a group as possible toss bomb pick up loot repeat, till you hit level 50 your probably going to be killing most groups in 1 shot. 2-3 for a boss.

Ultimate will be tricky but manageable, you may want points in Mortar trap if you can spare some before then just to have a good sustained fire damage source wile you hammer away with your bombs. Mortar trap is outstanding for fire works with conversion, and at rank 17 you can have 2 out at once, at 26 you could have 3 out.

Ulzuin’s torch would be great but as far as Ideal path to get to it may need to experiment, do not forget to get a bunch of hp in the devotion too. Due to the completion bonuses for Behemoth aim for that guy to help get your Meteor.

Solael’s witchblade is a 10/10 fire skill in devotion just my take on it. Spreads around like blood pox and has a slow.

The grenado is really good, I use it on one of my builds along with the passive Ulzuins chosen. I can throw a few of those grenades off at a time for huge amounts of damage, only if i get the cool down proc from ulzuins chosen + any other gear that reset skill cool down.

It knocks down bosses, its great for when your overwhelmed with mobs, its like a utility skill along with the huge damage.

I dont really like using the canister bomb, I prefer using stun jacks as these little things can make all your procs fire off really well and quickly, as long as you have quick jacks modifier.