Demolitionist Status

Throughout the sneak peaks and dev streams of FG it was mentioned few times that Demolitionist will stop being a meme class in Forgotten Gods.
I have read the notes and beside survivability, most of the problems of Memolitionist stay true.

  • Firestrike line requires to many points to be effective in comparision to cadence or savagery
  • all offensive skills look and work the same (throw stuff)
  • melee firestrike suffers even more as brimstone is ranged only
  • -%RR that noone takes - this is most visible issue: sometimes for a set-item build a different class is taken, as the one in bonuses, just for the RR. Builds that used fire/chaos and had +demo skills are skipping demo (for inquisitor)
    The only thing addressed was survi with temper and ulzuin wrath.


  • make firestrike max scale at 10 and add a WPS.
  • THIS: Make thermite mine work like new korvak relic or darkblaze amulet active. (Aoe blast with cd that reduces resistance)

There are skills from lvl 10 that perform than thermeme mines. I don’t think that there is a more cumbersome and well simply weak lvl 42-50 skill

Making NO set a demo set only is not a solution. Its like giving a fat kid a head start in a race, because otherwise wr will not be able to compete.

Lol, this is made my day (and not only my), a true name for this mastery

??? 10chars

Demo got a bunch of toys to play. Grenade look usable, Mortars can be fully converted to monotone dmg type. Agonizing flame allow for more effective devotion route.
Still, I see armor removal as a nerf.

Brimstone work on only one target at melee range. Not sure why.

Yeah I know that, but it still “works” :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought he/she was gonna write “works on ranged only”

Let’s see how new buffed mines perform in FG and if Wind Devil/Thermite Mine set revives Elementalists. Right now Demolitionist is just half-way out of meme-status class.

Melee Firestrike sucks huge donkey balls.

The termite mines range has been increased,so we’ll see whether or not they are reliable source of RR now.Grenado will receive some support same for stun jacks.Currently Demo class is full of so underperforming offensive spells and is horrible as supplementary class-low health,no healing skill,no ,RR locked behind mines(why they’re not shotguns) and no useful resistances.

Let’s try the buff on FG first guys. What I am curious the most is of course the change on thermite mines.
Maybe Memelitionist will become Delishionist instead… :wink:

On a side note on firestrike melee, you must use 2x seal of void to utilize brimstone and explosive strike shotgun, IMO.

Brimstone and ES do not shotgun in melee with seal of the void.

Still, I think firestrike melee is fine. Demo melee, on the other hand is not that bright. too squishy.

I always wanted to make a saboteur with fire-ice based firestrike DW but i always suck to make him good and give up in the end. I feel like firestrike is ballz for melee atm

I just leave it here.

Is it? I am pretty sure I am getting massive damage increase when I use 2x seal of void on my saboteur.
I would like to check it again but I am currently stop playing GD until FG hits. Lol

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Damn thats impressive bruh. I thought for Inquisitor too instead of nightblade but ill wait for FG to try again

that was an obvious typo, edited

Well I am not a big Demo-player so I was just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestions:

Give Resistances to something (idk poison & bleed?) on Temper or Ulzins Wrath.

Make BWC modifier reduce dmg to all types.

Make Brimstone also work with melee

Make flashbang an AoE debuff like Word of Pain / Curse of Fraility

Make Blast shield restore idk 10% + 1000 hp when it is activated

I’d say to add health boost to Temper or vindictive flame. Temper fits the theme better, as it is about ~physical damage, DA(as of FG) and retal.

Or maybe add the health to Ulzin’s Chosen, which is supposed? to be the apex of Demo’s dedication to Ulzin. Maybe Ulzin beefs you up when he chooses you.

The real power here is inquisitor “passives”. Similar effects can, and were, done with other Inquisitor combos.

Every time I read about mines increased radius I think why, it’s only gone from 1.8 to 2 meter. Unless you use infernal knight (+1m radius) I don’t think you’d notice it.

That would be nerf(and a very harsh one for purifiers) as:

  1. A General damage reduction is far easier to get (the new rune augments, jewerly augments, a number of skills and items).
  2. Damage reductions won’t stack with the same type.

To tell the truth, I don`t notice it with Infernal and 2 Grim fate :rolleyes: