Demonslayer set - lets make it better.

Subj =)
Demonslayer is PB-centered set that offer no extra utility and no bonuses to any other classes. It feel weird to see such selfish set in the game that is build around diversity and synergy. Pierce conversion from chest is an artifact from early era when Frenetic trow converted only 75% of vitality to pierce.

  1. Add +1 to Necro/Ocultist/Nightblade one Gun, Hat and Amulet slots.
    Reason: with some extra juice from skill points its possible to add another skill in rotation,
    2)Add 30% Acid to vitality conversion on chest instead of useless pierce to vitality .
    Reason: better synergy with Ocultist.
    3)Increase energy regen on chest armor - 2.8 energy per second for such mana-hungry skill is a joke. We need at least 5 energy/second from chest

I’m pretty sure there are other priorities since Demonslayer is super fine.

I think Demonslayer is ok, but I would welcome a buff. Love that set.

After discussions in sir spanksalot’s thread this one looks like a joke)

Well this feels like a joke but there’s actually some sense here, especially the +1 all skills part. Demonslayer is the only set I know that does not have a +1 all skills to a class (aside from the monoclass sets like Markovian).

>I am in favor of Point 2 as Pierce to Vitality on this set feels redundant and should be either Acid to Vitality or Cold to Vitality

>Point 1 is unclear to me, are you suggesting that +1 skills be added to one of the proposed slots
OR do you want +1 skills to be added to all these slots?
If it’s the former then I am in favor, the latter sounds too OP if not broken

>Another suggestion is the Blade Spirit mod could us a slight buff, currently BS feels like a DPS loss in my experience

>The only thing I am opposed to is the energy regen part. That skill is OP with this set in my experience so let it have a few drawbacks

For example +1 to NB on gun, +1 Necro on amulet +1 Ocultist on hat.
BS is only good at blocking content :smiley: 6 BS can body-block Reaper on balcony.

I personally think we should only get one of these or at least not get +1 NB at all

LoL, are you aware that PB are projectiles. If you stand in fumble pool you do 0 dmg. If you shoot MQ during PMS you are dead. You cant even facetank Zanty at point-blank range. W/O green MI`s real dmg output is around 150K DPS at point-blank range if you manage to hit with all 8 blade, and its impossible in most cases, if you move it drop to zero.
Whole set is Low-life Low-armor zero phyz res PB-only spamer. Yet it fail to push PB line to 26/22/22 and fix mana-PITA.

well same goes for melee, at least PB can move away and still do dmg.

As for MQ. it is what it is with MQ. I did a Belgo mq runs with blade spirits and BoW bound to them and survived at 10.2KI hp full face tank.

I’m sure PB with Mot will be fine.

AS for MQ. Don’t PB her during aura, simple. I do the same with blades of wrath.

If anything cold PB needs +1 to all more

In my opinion, it’s perfectly fine currently. Other sets need buffs much more than this one.

Well, yes, its much better that Wildblood or Ulzuin or Ultos, but inferior to Infernal Knight, Trozan, Octavius, etc etc etc…