Describe Crate/fanbase relationship via song titles

A bit of whimsy inspired by some of the songs heard on the journey back from holiday. We all know that Crate’s relationship with the fanbase is pretty unique among gaming companies, but these song titles describe it very well I think.

“Lord of the Dance” - yes Medierra and the rest of the team have led us on a merry dance from the first faltering steps on the dance floor to the kickass culmination of Grim Dawn’s full release and the Ashes of Malmouth expansion. Thanks for the dance so far and long may it continue. :slight_smile: I still find myself amazed at what you’ve accomplished when I go back and read the early Development Updates and Announcments threads.

I don’t think Crate would argue with this one: “You are the Wind Beneath my Wings”. While Crate continues to fly higher and higher it’s the fanbase, along with many others, who’ve provided encouragement and support through the years. Medierra summed it up very well when GD reached it’s one million sales mark:

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“Make Your Own Kind of Music”. Crate have certainly taken their passion and made it happen. Luckily a lot of other people want to sing along with them too. :smiley:

Crate: As long as you love me
Us: Work Bitch


How I view my “relationship” with Zantai.

Dead Kennedy’s - Holiday in Cambodia

Note: Key points of the song. The “Pol Pot” chant. Just saying.

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Powbam and Zantai


I’m not even going to ask who’s the missus in that relationship. Just keep the details to yourselves please. The rest of us really, REALLY don’t want to know! :eek:


So gangsta medea. Didn’t know you had it in you.

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Compliments from powbam. Guess I’m doing okay then. :wink:

Crate and fanbase = “Good Vibrations”.

Crate provides plenty of ex-ci-tation for the fans. :smiley:

When the Crate team goes crazy after making the 12th expansion for GD because they keep selling like hotcakes

Think the fans might go crazy too Snazzblaster if we got up to 12 expansions. All that territory to explore! :eek: Better a GD2 or even up to GD3. :smiley: And other projects too of course.

I personally probably wouldn’t complain too much if they did keep making expacs but I’m not averse to seeing what they could do with one of the other “modern” game engines for GD.

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