Desecrator Covenant Pet Warlock - SR75, Lokarr

This game has been out for a while now and there are many good recipes out there if you want a SR90 capable pet build… having thousands of hours in the game, always looking for something different, the road less traveled… plenty of good builds already posted here over the years. With that mentality in mind, I give you this interesting and capable toon that punches above it’s weight class imo.

I built this out with dual void whispers, have yet to try dual Khonsar, I feel this version works better than chaos / vitality alone, though. Also, like my Skelemental build this doing mixed dmg types seems to be a benefit, not a hindrance. It never runs out of energy despite 2/3 of it being reserved, it seems surprisingly resilient, though don’t confuse this with a tank or even a rough & tough pet conjurer… it isn’t super squishy, but don’t get too close to Fabius either. :slight_smile:

(I pulled 2 points out of the birds heal - Mend Flesh, stuck in Bonds of Bys, other wise identical to in game pics / vid I posted, I think this might be a little better use of points, more pet health)

All ya need here…!

Fight with Lokarr to give an idea of how this one does in game.

Resists in game

Getting my revenge on Fabius, was smooth sailing til one mistake with him when he got locked on me, aggro. Entered chunk 4 with 5+ on the clock.

Welp, that’s it for now, hope you liked it or maybe it gives you some ideas.