Desiring Suggestions for Conjurer Pet Build

If someone could direct me towards a really good build involving pets doing heavy damage, along with some general do’s and don’ts, that would be absolutely awesome. I was all set to create a Conjurer Build that focused heavily on both the Raven and Briarthorn by maxing out all their skills, until a friend suggested that certain skills don’t need to be maxed (or shouldn’t be maxed), and that I was ignoring important passives and buffs. My idea is to basically stand back and let my Briarthorn mop the field with the enemies while my Raven attacks and replenishes my health as needed, but if there’s any other suggestions I should take, I’d love to hear them. Thanks for any advice!!!

Check this topic my Maya, you will find lot’s of useful information and variety of builds.

The Carnival - A Guide to Pets - Grim Dawn / Classes, Skills and Builds - Crate Entertainment Forum

As for what to focus depend on what kind of gear you possess. If you have Beastcaller set focus on Bria, while Bysmiel Trinkets will help you create Bird(s) build.

For end game version you can check Fwuffy Squishy build. Or check leveling guide for Conjurer class.


I promote my own [] Physical Pets! 3,3xBriars - Beastcaller Conjurer (~13 min Calla)(Ravager)(SR75-76) but it is briar focused.

This one is also very good [ -] [HC] [Videos] Beastcaller Set | Lightning Pet Conjurer | SR 95 - 111