Despite my char dying it was funny.

Okay, the only reason I am posting about this is that in nearly 800 hours of playing GD, I never had this happen before. :slight_smile:

I was going for Commander Lucius in Fort Ikon, and just at the moment that I kill him, one of his attacks still hits me while I already had used a health potion … Killing my character at the moment he died. :smiley:


It was so unexpected that I had to laugh :smiley: instead of thinking … Damnit!? Has any one else had moments like this? :smiley:

I once got to drop the “Warning: Groble Attacks on the Rise” lore note while getting attacked by a legion of Grobles inside Tyrant’s Hold.

I found it ironic and kinda funny at the time. :slight_smile:

Oh my god that is ironic and funny indeed. :slight_smile:

I’ve died, returned and found a loot orb many times. I like dot builds, it happens more than you’d think.

It does … hmm then I will have to wait and see? It was the first time I personally saw this happening. ( Fingers crossed. :slight_smile: )

Now that you mention that, I once died on my bleeding build while facing Grava, went back there and he was already dead. :smiley:
I attacked him with Blade Arc when he had ~40% HP and immediately after that died. After I got there back, I only had to take my loot and go further. :smiley: Was back before FG.

LoL Grava surprise, he is good for it. :smiley: