[DEV][WIP][MAP] Road to Helos

I’ve seen a few MAP mods but they were just waaaay too big to finish it.
so therefore i choose something smaller.

You there, soldier, if you've come looking for rest and peace
you won't find it here in Helos.
Satyrs are everywhere but with your fighting arm we could push them back!
~ Corythus - Boat-hand

The map name will sound familiar with the most of you since it’s the starting area of Titan Quest
Side Note: it’s not a 1 on 1 copy but for the most parts it will be

#001 - Timaeus Horse

#002 - Fixed sounds and added a part of Helos

#003 - Can use Titan Quest bridges, used GD’ bridge for the video, adding parts to helos farms

#004 - Added skills to Boars, crows and Satyrs… finnaly some combat ( died one time in a run @ lvl 2 :stuck_out_tongue: )

i’ll keep my current state of the mod up to date in this topic with some screenshots and videos.
When I’m satisfied with the result I will make a Download.

here’s the progress so far

0) Initial setup work directory and files
1) Toying with the Map Editor
2) Understand how .DBR files work
3) Creating a Quest and a Conversation
4) Deciding when to use and how to integrate Lua in the Quest editor
5) Creating the 90% Helos + helos farms / woods map, polishing afterwards
6) adding monster proxies / light / sound / name tags
7) Adding Quests and Conversations + fixing a few name tags*

8) Balancing till level 8 [or 12]… yeah i know it’s a small map right now so balancing is like :rolleyes:

  1. Removing Titan Quest Gear from the monsters loot and replacing it with GD loot
  2. release 0.1
  3. redoing parts based upon feedback (polishing)

I started modding Grim Dawn a few hours ago so don’t be harsh on me :slight_smile:


i’m curious about what ASYLUM101 will say :smiley:

Expect to experience your MOD works.

I hope Nordic will be ok, I mean the game it will be free advertising for Titan Quest Anniversary.

Did you convert all the meshes from TQ and imported them into GD ?

I looked at almost every forum thread about modding before starting
and keep the mod small otherwise I won’t be able to finish it :slight_smile:

If it’s done properly it’s free advertising
but I won’t post a download before it’s polished :wink:
Yes I did convert the meshes with the mass Meshconverter created by Elfe and updated by GlockenGerda

The only thing I didn’t do right for now is you need to swap the original ARC files for now with the updated ARC files in the resource folder.

^ if GD updates to a new patch the files will be overwritten

But probably going to write an automation tool that imports all the stuff that I use in the mod into the asset manager and auto create assets -> less data and portable

I opened the titan quest map in the grim dawn world editor by accident and it looks like it’s compatible with the editor,
maybe i overlooked a forum thread about this…

Saves a lot of drag and drop work :D, But a lot is broken though.

Small update:
Thanks to the small proxy utility tool i’ve made,
I can now easily change all monsters in proxy pools and the pool itself and attach random* generated character Bio :smiley:

( the 67188.9 in the screenshot is random )

Now I can move back on this MOD instead of the proxy editor tool

invincible boar :rolleyes:

So… no word from you in about 6 months, I take it the mod has been abandoned? :frowning: