Developable scenarios for a new expansion?

I think it’s difficult to compare TQ’s expansions to GD’s. After all there was a gap of over 10 years between the original game/expansion and the 2nd/3rd expansions. Plus completely different people making them. That’s not the scenario we’re talking about here.


I don’t know. I’m split on this Topic. Because if it comes down to this “bloated” Argument i feel differently. For me there is never “enough” content for Games which i love… they could like WoW throw another 4-5 Expansions out, and i would still play Grim Dawn to no end… and wouldn’t feel overhelmed or “bloated”.

However besides that, i’m also someone who supports the Idea of Developers have their freedom of creativity, and after working so many years no GD and ARPG’s in general, i see why they are burnt out on this and prefer to do something else. And if i look at Runic Games with their Game Hob as example, it’s not like a change of pace will mean a leak of quality, because while i understand that Hob wasn’t a game for the ARPG crowd… the Game itself was absolutely great and an amazing gift before RG was closed down. I mean this Town Builder stuff is not my cup of tea, and i can’t promise that i will like the Game at all, but only because of that it doesn’t mean it won’t be a great game or so. It could actually hit the market more than another ARPG (expansion) and give crate more success, while they could enjoy to work on something entirely differently. (Still hope Grim Dawn 2 might be thing in the distant future)

Also you shouldn’t forget that also the financial aspekt is important too. Sure there is a core audience which might still buy an third expansion, but if this justify to spent ressources on it… that’s something only Crate can say.


The char saves are not the issue here as I do back them up, it is the dread of having to reinstall the entire game on steam via the internet as it will impact my monthly cap, Grim Dawn is not too bad size wise in this respect compared to lots of the other impossible GByte hungry intensive games for me to install, but it is still something I don’t want to risk for some mod that I want to look at and it breaks my current install. Sorry, sadly, some countries and providers do not have the luxury of cheap hispeed internet connections that others do, :frowning:

How much hard drive space do you have? It’s actually a simple matter to go right to that installation folder, select it and press Ctrl+C (Copy), navigate to a different location, press Ctrl+V (Paste), and presto bingo - you have an exact carbon copy of the current installation.


I don’t know if that’s a thing for you, but you actually could create a “backup” - than you only need internet for installing the Backup, but it doesn’t require to actually redownload the Game.

A “Copy”-Backup would work too, but from my experience as someone which had such issues like MikeHeydon a some years ago too, the problem with a “copy” is that it sometimes can get wonky with steam to not recognize it and such. I found the Steam-integrated Feature of “backup” a way better solution because it kinda creates a install-iso which is less problem-ridden.

I still would love if someone, maybe Limited Run Games or whatever would make a deal with Crate and make one of this neat, amazing Retail Boxes. Normally i don’t buy retail on PC anymore because they don’t make much sense to me anymore, but this would be one of the rare cases where i’d like to have a physical edition… like the kickstarter people =)

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Also it should be noted that ANY files that get changed can be solved and fixed quickly and using far less data than a reinstall by “Verifying the cache”:

For Steam -

For GOG -


Verifying identifies the abnormal files and only replaces the ones that don’t “match” with how the changed files “should” be.

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Weird. I’ve actually done this: copying the entire folder out, installing our test versions of GD AND then switching them out back and forth, no problemo - many times. If an actual GD update occurs during any of this just make sure you switch back in the copy that is supposed to actually be there before letting the update commence (naturally you don’t want automatic updates on. never have automatic on).

The only thing that I could think would maybe cause an issue would be AV software getting shiesty with ya about it… maybe (which is why you always exclude these folders from any AV scan operations). It’s worked flawlessly for me many times switching out different GD versions. It can be done. Just let it finish “safely” copying over the data and avoid doing anything else that may cause any potential hiccups or issues while it is doing so.

My two cents here - note that this is just my opinion and hope for the future

I am all for the 3rd exp for GD. GD2 is a sure thing but wont be reality until years from now and it would be nice for GD to get that little extra bit. GD2 aside, I don’t want to stop playing GD for many years to come and small bits of content is always welcome

Now Zantai said it is a financial decision and game, forums, reddit, steam etc feel like they are teeming with new players with more coming every day so I am hopeful in that regard.

As for the bloated content argument and balancing problems - Crate proved again and again that they are more than capable of handling issues as they arise and could deliver content which hits that sweet spot. So it is their judgement that I wholeheartedly trust in regards to what and where would be added to game so it doesn’t feel like too much or too little.

That said, if they make a third expansion, it should be on the smaller side with quests unrelated to Aetherials or Chtonians and also final expansion imho.

My personal wish is that GD gets one more mastery (thats a big wish, I know) and for some arctic and icy levels which are sorely missing up until this point.

As for some kind of announcement - I doubt it will happen before XBOX release - it makes sense both financially and from a timeline perspective.

That said, Crate will do what they feel is right and if we do get one more exp (which I hope we will) - they have my money for sure :slight_smile:

Sorry for the wall of text

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Considering that every major patch has brought more to the game than they originally planned I wouldn’t be too sure about that. :wink: They’re always giving us MOAR!

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I have to agree as well that a 3rd expansion seems unlikely.

On the other hand, there is still the potential for free content updates that offer small stories or tidbits of lore similar to ones we have received previously like the Hidden Path, Port Valbury, Ancient Grove, Kra’Vall and soon the new roguelike dungeon.


Don’t get me wrong on this, i don’t argue that “copy” won’t work as well, because infact i know it does for many games and i guess that goes for Grim Dawn too. My Point was compared to the Steam-Integrated Backup System the Copy-Backup “can” (not must) be more problematic at times due “sometimes” steam doesn’t recognize it or other stuff.

Just want to throw in how awesome everyone here is. Im having a great time reading and participating in discussions on the forums here! Always great to hear other fans’ perspectives, ideas, and opinions about whats become prettttttty much my favorite video game.


I have mixed feelings about another expansion. I love the game and will be more than happy to see more content added to already vast amount. But at same time it was declared FG is the last expansion. So GD 2 sounds like the better idea.

Anyway we will soon have another dungeon and developers keep updating visuals and mechanics, adding QoL features. So its good that things are happening in the game to keep our interest, until we learn more about another expansion or second installment!

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Well, all I can say is that Crate has a dedication and passion for this game that blows my mind. Forced to update my mod yet again because they cannot stop tinkering…A third xpac (or whatever number they are up to now) would not surprise me in the slightest.

Where is this damn town simulator or whatever…I would rather the devs stop touching things and let the modders go crazy.

As to the comments about a fear of mods, nothing to fear, afaik, there are no mods that muck with the main game, you can try mods and not mess up your install in any way. But the longer this constant patch/update cycle continues, the less mods we will see except for the hardcore modders that somehow keep being motivated to redo everything with every patch.

We need a stable and final GD to move into phase 2 where the modders actually have a template to expand upon. Modding is hard enough as is, but updating mods to properly integrate base-game changes is a nightmare.


That’s so true jiaco. When THQNordic started doing the TQ expansions it messed big time with a lot of the new under development mods; some modders just stopped what they were working on at the time because they couldn’t face dealing with it. And a recent patch also broke the modding tools and it took them a little while to fix so again all mods got put on hold.

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Please not another expansion … GD is already a BIG playground for us to have fun in, but in all honesty, I am not sure I´d buy another xpac, it´s just too much.

I´d rather play the “townbuilder with optional combat elements”, which was promised to us an eternity ago. :wink:

I totally agree. At some point official updates and added content have to stop or slow significantly so mods can truly flourish. When modders have a stable ground to work on they can make some crazy awesome stuff.

Yes MOAR, but I want to pay for MOAR :wink: And considering that I am not too keen on playing townbuilder type of game and see myself playing GD for many years to come - choice where my money goes is obvious to me :man_shrugging:

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