Devotion Advice for Sword and Board

Need Devotion advice on increasing my DPS.

Primarily soldier build using blade arc.

L85 and use the 1 handed mace Agony and a full set of Markovians.


How high is your block chance? Reason I ask:
-If your block chance is high, mine is at 100% (lol) you can utilize Targo’s Hammer. It’s 25% proc off your blocks. So when you are in the mix fkin shit up it will proc quite often in mobs. Also it increases your internal trauma dmg which is synergistic to Laceration. The hammers follow you for a while and it passes through enemies hitting them multiple times, not to mention it stuns too. This is quite nice for sword and board build. Bonus: it serves as a reminder how shit the Crusader is in D3 lmao! The hammer in that game can only hit the monster once. Like, ok…
-Autumn Boar and Rhowan’s Scepter is good also. Again, off your blocks and you are a mace user
-Oleron too if you want. This one requires quite alot of investment but it’s perfect for bleeding and internal trauma dmg.

I hope this helps

It would be helpful if you can post your current build + devo