Devotion and skill setup for Aether Death Knight

Hi guys,

I am currently leveling a 1H/Shielded Aether Death Knight and wanted to ask for some advice on devotions. Giving the fact that I am a weekend warrior and do not have loads of highend equipment, please just focus on devotions and planned skill setup.

Currently I am Level 45 and the tactic goes quite quick: storm into mob with blitz (currently aether mines assigned), cast Haunt and War Cry and Cadence (Twin Fangs assigned) the cr*p out of what is surviving Spectral Binding. (As said, items are a mix of phys/aether damage)

I know it might be a bit early to ask for advice, but I think there are some guys who are more experienced with devotion and skill setup.

Thanks in advance for replies.

If you are going Aether, You probably want to take Master of death over Mehnir’s Bulwark, as the physical and retaliation are wasted.

As far as devotions: why time dilation? What cooldown are you trying to lessen?

I am runnning a 2H aether build on my DK. You can see the direction I went here. My skill set up isn’t all that different, though we made some different choices on devotions.

Check out this DK build by EIO AU.

It can kill Ravager in 9 min

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your answers!

Why did you choose Dying God and Revenant. I do not fully understand this choice for an Aether DK.

I chose Menhirs over Harbinger of souls to increase survivability. As I am still on Veteran difficulty, I cannot say much about it. For the hourglass you are right, it seems kind of odd on this build. If Spear of the Heavens is enough for Tier 4 constellations, I moved the points around a bit and ended up like this:

I still don’t know what will ensure my survivability later on.

slow down mobs
life steal
attack speed
50% chaos dmg converted to aether (ring)
some reasons why.

did beat Lokarr without an issue with this build he done.