devotion: attak damage converted to heal

Game guide only describes the equipment and skills, and in other discussions only assumptions, what that works as a equipment or for all (weapon and skills).

Someone has the exact answer?

And Convert doesn’t works for DOT?

DOTS are unaffected by damage > health conversion. Not sure why, but that’s how it is.

okey, DOT dont work
now just have to figure out about Devotion

If the devotion has a % weapon damage component, health conversion will work with it.

Correction: DoTs as in “DoT version of the element”. Wendigo’s Mark does Vitality damage over time (not Vitality Decay) and converts the part of the damage every tick just fine.

i mean how work this bonus

That’s because that is not a DoT. It’s a flat amount of Vitality that is applied every second, not a flat amount of Vitality applied over x seconds. Big difference.

Each time you deal direct Weapon Damage to an enemy, you will be healed by a certain percentage of Weapon Damage dealt.

Weapon damage is dealt by default attack and by skills, that have “X%Weapon Damage” component. Only that component is eligible for healing, other components of the skill wont cause it.

Some skills have built-in “% of attack damage converted to health” (like Wendigo’s Mark). In that case, ALL direct damage, caused by skill, is eligible for healing (both weapon and non-weapon).

DoT damage wont cause healing, even if it’s Weapon Damage (Bleed, Burn, etc).

It calculates your attack damage, skills that have a weapon damage % component or your normal attacks will have an additional 4% attack damage converted to HP.

Yeah pretty much. Basically like I said, DoTs cannot be converted to health. Skills that specifically say, “X damage over Y time”. Those are DOTs. Anything else is not specifically a DOT damage type.

So the effect which does damage over time (which doesn’t stack with itself) is not a DoT (short for “damage over time”)? And no, Vitality Decay isn’t Vitality damage over time, since it implies it can be boosted by +%Vitality Damage bonuses, when it’s not.

So, to clarify, if I take the Revenant devotion on my AAR warlock, then the delicious 9% ADTH for that constellation won’t ever trigger from AAR?

This seems odd to me. I noticed with a Pox build that adding in Revenant seemed to make him much sturdier. Also, putting just 3% ADTH on an ammy onto my AAR warlock seemed to make him gain health at a surprisingly rapid rate.

I remember that it was widely reported on the forums that Turtle Shell was a weak celestial power because the shield was first in the order of damage taken (ie: before resists and DR). That was later debunked and it’s now widely understood that turtle shell is actually last in the order of damage taken (ie: after shield), which makes it a much stronger defensive resource.

Has the “weapon damage skills only” conclusion for ADTH from devotions been conclusively verified?

It does damage over time in the same way that a pet would keep attacking the same target, or if the enemy were standing in a ground effect that damages every second. It’s not the same thing.
I know that Vitality Decay is different from Vitality. Vitality is not a DoT type, so anything that deals Vitality damage is not a DoT, but a flat amount of damage applied in a single instance.

Since that is something that you can easily test, yes, it has been verified. The healing you saw might have been a defensive proc like Giant’s Blood.

This doesn’t change much, since OHKO damages can go up to 11k even with resistances capped. So effectively it gives 1k hp every cooldown.

It wasn’t debunked, it was a mistake in the official game guide itself that led everyone to believe the order of the damage taken was different than actually it was. :rolleyes:

Yes. ADCTH gained from gear, constellation and buffs, is a weapon effect. And weapon effects work only for skills, that deal %weapon damage, and default attack…
You probably get some other source of healing.