Devotion help

Looking to alter my devotions for a Chaos Cadence 2H Ranged character.

Currently rocking Ghoul, Witchblade, Behemoth, Hawk, Raven, Spider, Jackal, Gallows, and Eel.

Five points into Abomination for the skill.

In the works of finishing up Sailor’s Guide so that I can get my last three points into Dying God for the skill.

Trying to find a way to get Abom and Dying God with less wasted constellations. I don’t mind grabbing a few extra defensive things like Eel and Guide. I do mind grabbing things like Spider or Jackal, because they’re subpar for my damages, and I don’t care for Behemoth either.

If anyone can sort out a way where I can dump Spider, Jackal, Behemoth, and Raven for some constellations that might be more useful, I’d appreciate it.

Obviously that’d be much easier if I weren’t stretching for Dying God and Abomination, but…

And if anyone magically has a way that I can eek out three more points into Dying God, that’d be handy too.

Am I the only one who gets a headache when trying to sort out my devotions?

Like you said, you’re stretching for Abom and for Dying God - so you’re tight on points. I’m not gonna pretend I’ve played a 2H ranged chaos build before - but initially I think I’d go with something likes this.

I was not able to get rid of spider - it’s just really efficient for points. I also don’t really care for gallows (for this build at least) or ghoul, and I think behemoth is really nice because it uses what you’re already using and it gives some good HP and healing which never hurts anyone in this game. The biggest improvement is that I have Kraken in mine, which will give you a lot more damage I think. I know a couple of nodes are physical damage, but it shouldn’t be a total waste - however you do get some nice all damage, crit damage, attack speed, and run speed too. It’s an all around great constellation for anyone running a 2H build.

Kraken does seem handy. Thank you.

As for gallows…Neither do I, but at least it has chaos damage and health, so it felt less bad then other options.

For Ghoul, I just like having multiple backups in case I get low.

For Behemoth, I don’t mind the nodes as much as I mind the skill…I’ve never found it useful. I was hoping I had another option with a better skill, or flat stats where that skill is.

There could be better options for what you want.

My main focus was getting you abom, dying god, solael’s witchblade, and kraken. There could possibly a more efficient route, but the point requirements were already dead on with the exact amount of points. I actually wish I had one more for that flat chaos damage in dying god.

I feel like Ghoul is easily replaced by just having some good ADCTH on your gear somewhere. To each their own, I wish you luck :slight_smile:

You will evetually replace ghoul. I like it for leveling but you never want to be bellow 30% hp. More often than not you die and the proc is wasted.

Kracken is the way to go gor dying god if you are 2 handed. It’s almost a must

Ghoul is definitely wasted sometimes, and I do have some ADCTH…I just like backups. Often Ghoul goes off when a boss gets a good crit or two on me, and allows me to face tank them and live on.

Also, AFAIK…I thought Dying God STARTED at that Flat Chaos Damage node. So reep that dream

It’s still a better CB skill than that stupid Turtle

Useless Tortoise indeed…

What about S&B setup?