Devotion Mechanics Question - Binding Skills

Brand new to GD and the forums - love the game so far. I’ve read tons of build guides, game guides, forum posts, Reddit posts, etc. and I can’t seem to nail down an answer to this question.

For devotions that bind to skills - how do you decide what skill to bind? What are the mechanics at work that drive this decision?

And now a more specific version of the question pertaining to what I’m playing - a Purifier. I went for Ghoul early on and I bound Flame Touched. I also see some builds recommend binding Vindictive Flame. So, what would be the difference (so I understand the mechanic in play), and then why wouldn’t you bind something like Fire Strike or an analogous weapon replacer like that? And then (in a different constellation), when IS it appropriate to bind something like Fire Strike or I’ve seen a lot of folks recommend binding Bursting Round to Crown - why?

Have a look at this guide Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them

It does not matter, bind ghoul to any permanent togglebuff

Fire strike is not a permanent togglebuff so you can not bind ghoul to it.

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Devotions like Ghoul, Turtle etc are better to be put on permanent passive skills like Vindictive Flames, Flamed Touched etc and not Blast Shield or Resilence.

I suggest to put Fire Strike to proc your -RR devotion proc like Solael’s Witchblade.

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