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Hey all,
So I’m looking into the devotion page and Noticed that in the tier 2 constellations there is none that give Fire Damage and Aether Damage. Going Primordial and Eldritch in the Tier one Constellations “Imp” gives this, so looking forward to the tier 2’s, you have access to “Widow” and “Magi”. Widow gives +Aether and +Lighting while Magi gives +Fire and +Burn. Say for a full Pure Archanist build like this “grimcalc(insert period here)com/build/FucSJw”, I really do not need Lighting damage… I do however need the Aether and Fire in my devotion in tier 2 because that’s what this build does, but there isn’t one that gives me both damage types. The same goes for tier 3.

I think that when going with Imp in tier 1, there should be a tier 2/3 constellation that goes with Primordial and Eldritch devotion that gives Aether and Fire Damage. What are your thoughts?

While it would be nice there is only so much they can do/add without making it too complicated.
They don’t ave Vitality + Chaos devotion which are 2 damage types that quiet commonly spawn together or vitality + cold.
There is many combinations which the devotions don’t directly support in a single “tree” simply because there isn’t enough room/points and even if there was it would become too cluttered

Ahhh I see what you are saying. That’s fair. I guess a second question then would be how many points different Constellations can you invest in for each tier? And how many points are there available?

Most of the tier 1 and 2 devotions require 5 or 6 points to complete (but some only require 3 or 4points) the constellation while the tier 3 require 8 to 10 points, however most people tend to never complete an entire tier 3 constellation and just go for the ability.
You usually need to complete 5 or 6 tier 1 and/or tier 2 constellations to be able to reach a tier 3 constellation
There is 50 devotion points in total and on average you will need to spend at the very least 27/28 point to be able to obtain a tier 3 ability (that is if you take the shortest path otherwise you’ll be needing 30-40)

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huh, didn’t realize that you actually had to take more than 1 in the tiers. I thought you went with like 1 in each tier and that it was just really hard to get devotion points. But that is really good to know! Thank you! :slight_smile: