Devotion Planner - Companion For Grim Dawn v2

Hello everyone, hope you are well. I was recently given permission to build off of the web application: Companion for Grim Dawn (created by Andrew Snyder). It still needs a lot of work, but I’ve recently put about 6 hours into updating all the devotions to the latest patch ( I noticed that even some of the wiki pages are not up to date with what the in-game constellations show for each devotion point.

You can access it here

I hope you find some use for this. I will continue to update it when I have the time.

UPDATE: Search bar bug from v1 is fixed, primordial required amounts now showing properly, and I changed up the UI some while working on the search bar bug.


Oh, nice going! The tool is useful to have on Android despite the limited functionality. Godspeed!

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