Devotion Point Cap

So I was wondering if there was a way to change the maximum number of devotion points you can invest. I saw devotion point cap in gamengine.dbr under database/records/game but changing that didn’t seem to do anything for my game.

Has anyone had success with changing that? Or does it only register on a new game?

There are some sort of “protected” entries in the gameengine.dbr.

You probably need to make a “hard” mod to make this apply.

A “hard” mod means that you need to compile a database that includes all original database files + your changes and replace the original database in the game’s installation folder by your new compiled one.

But make sure to keep a copy of the original database! :wink:

not entirely sure what I did, but now any time I try to open any of the database files with the DBREditor I get ‘Couldn’t open x (template not found).’ (where x s whatever file I’m trying to open)

I moved the main database to the desktop and then copied it back to the main folder, and I also copied it to a mod folder that I labeled ‘test’. I then changed the files I wanted in ‘test’ and then copied that over top of the database in the main folder.

You probably accidentially deleted or move the templates.

Try extracting game files again.

thanks :slight_smile: The main issue I was having is that I hadn’t realized that when you compile a mod it doesn’t create a database.arz file, instead it creates ‘modname’.arz which wasn’t letting me override the base files. Overriding the base files worked for devotion, so thanks :slight_smile: