devotion point reset desaster

hey guys,

i reset all my devotion points with the “tonic of clarity” because i wanted to follow one of these guides here.
unfortunatly somehow i could not set my points according to the grim dawn build calculator, some points are missing, i dont know.

now i ended up with a completly destroyed devotion points setup.

so far i know the only way to get rid of this mess is to farm aether crystals and to start over from zero?



Some constellations can depend on their own affinity points. So look at the required affinity points that u need. So if you have more than required, than you can remove some devotion points.

Maybe you missed to complete a constalltion - happens sometimes. Also you might need to temporarily complete a constallation or put points into Crossroads as a stepping stone. Which guide are you referring to?


the dark blaze pyromancer build. obviuosly not all spent points are shown up in the calculator?

I am fine now, just farmed a few aethers and rebuilt the setup.