Devotion Problem

I have assigned Devotion points and gotten two constellations that are attached to skills I am using. But I have two more constellations completed, every star says that it is “Active,” and yet they are not attached to skills. In addition, the “Cunning” bonuses do not appear on my stats.

Where am I messing up?

Listing the Devotions you are having problems with would be helpful.

Volleyballnatioln, I appreciate your help.

I started at the central constellation, choosing the Se point (Offensive Ability).

I then completed the Falcon and the Scorpion, and their skills have been attached to my hotkeys.

However, I have completed the Hammer, the Owl, and the Harpy, and the skills are not attached. In addition, things like Cunning do not increase, even though the completed constellation says that I have them.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, and all help is appreciated.

Hammer, Owl and Harpy do not have devotion proc skills.

Your cunning increases but isn’t applied to your cunning attribute number. If you put your mouse over your cunning it will have a base number in grey and then a + and a number in blue which is the additional cunning you are receiving as I understand it.

The number in the menu before mouseover should show base cunning and bonus cunning combined. I thought OP was saying the bonuses from the stars were not registering on his sheet at all, in the total or in the breakdown.

Nevermind. Note to self: don’t post when you’ve just woken up.

It would help if OP could post a screenie of his sheet and a grimtools.

I think that you’ve answered my questions. The active constellations don’t show on my stats but I still have them. Thank you.