Devotion Problem

Even after looking it up, I cannot understand how to assign the Falcon constellation in the Devotions. I have completed the constellation, and it says that if I assign it, I will get extra experience points. But I cannot figure out how to do so. It does not appear in any of the skill buttons as an option.

All help appreciated.

PS. Great game. I’ve started trying Hard core characters.

After you finish the constellation entirely, you can click the last node to open a selection box that shows what skills it can be assigned to. Clicking on one of these will assign Falcon Swoop to it.

Also, assigning it does not reward extra experience points. It means that while it is assigned to something (doesn’t have to be used), it will gain experience as you do towards levels and the devotion skill will gradually level up and become stronger.

Thank you, Baka.

Okay, back to smiting my foes!