Devotion question

can you get full wendigo, revenant, dying god, and yugol.
this is as close as ive gotten :

Doesn’t seem so, there’s always something missing like i.e. another rat or 4 node green + blue constellation etc.
I assume this is some kind of a puzzle for you because such devotion map is not only unnecessary but also far from optimized.

yea just something i wanted to try, not even sure how nice revenant is, its just something i always take as a pet guy, all im missing is that 100% cold and acid.

It’s more Yugol that seems out of place than Revenant :wink:

It can be done pretty easily actually.

Even have 3 points left over. But not optimised in any way. I just went for constellations that would allow me to get the ones you wanted. You can even remove the blue and red points from Crossroads to give you 5 extra points if you need them for something else; Murmur perhaps if you want some cold/acid.