Devotion Screen Too Close On Lower Resolutions

After finally updating to v1.2 this became painfully clear – the ability to zoom the devotion screen far enough out so that i can see and think properly was a griminternals feature, and boy do i miss it. My brain works in ways which require me to see more of the devotion sky at once in order to process the route and choose points accordingly. Can we make this happen in game? Could a simple mod accomplish this? The farther the better, within reason of course. Playing on a lower resolution should not punish the player in this way, and i will always play on 1366x768 so that i can read the text on screen alongside obvious performance bonus.


β€œ+1” as they say :+1:
just in general i think the devo map would benefit from more zoom out being available, even on 1920x1200 i find it annoying, and find myself relying on GT for majority of my devo interaction because the overview is just better.
I think there has also been expressed desire for the regular world map to have more zoom so we don’t have to drag constantly.

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