Devotions - help a nub out! =)

Heya all,

Quick question: When setting up my devotions, can I grab a constellation just to fullfill the requirement for another one, complete said second devotion and then reclaim the points from the previous one?

More specifically, I was thinking of grabbing Sailor’s guide to give access to shieldmaiden, and drop it after completing said constellation. Because Shieldmaiden awards blue devotions on its own, I’d still meet the requirements after removing Sailor’s guide.

Will this work, or would it disable the benefits of the points in shield maiden?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, u can do that

Okay, thanks. I presume it wouldn’t work if Shieldmaiden didn’t award blue devotion points, right? Else one could just respec, grab the “ultimate” constellations and drop all the prior ones.

Correct, in this case.

You always need to have the required points from somewhere. The game won’t let you respec them out if it would interfere with the requirements of a constellation.