Dfferent Poison Dmg over Time stack question


I have char with different poison Skills and poison retaliation. I read somewehre thsat these kind of “Over time” Dmg does not stack, it will
just reset the duraton counter. Can someone explain me how this exactly works ?

E.g. I have some skills like

1K Dmg over 3 Secs Item
2k Dmg over 3 Secs Item
4K Dmg over 2 Sec Retaliation

Do I have to make sure that my 4k Reataliaton triggers first ? So all other triggers will reset the 4K Dmg timer ?

If this is the case…wondering how a Poison build makes sense then , if I can basically only use one single skill ?! In my case: Should I remove any other Poison Item but the Retaliation - this way i make sure the 4k dmg one is triggered every time, and not some 1k Poison Skill from a item. since And enemies hit me multiple time in this 3 secs anyway and are permantent poisoned

Or is the current Posion Dmg+Duration replaced every time a other one procs ?!

Thx in advance

“Damage over time (DoT) effects are different. Unlike debuff effects, DoTs stack from different sources and always do full damage. For example, if you apply Poison with your weapon, and then another Poison effect with a spell, both will deal full damage.”

Taken from the Combat section of the Game Guide: http://www.grimdawn.com/guide/gameplay/combat.php

In the old days, what you said might have been true, but not anymore, so stack stack stack away!

poison is completely insane now. once you get past 1500% poison dmg even bosses are a quick fire and forget. SoT boss on Elite couldn’t even do one lap around the pillars before he dropped and i only threw CoF and one spell (with procs)

i know it will get harder on Ult for my poisoner but i think she’ll be ok :wink:

Even for the toughest bosses – Unload all poison skills then portal and run away, let the long duration of poison work its course. Come back and collect

You can test it on dummy something like DEE + Psn bomb or Gaze, the numbers get bigger

Thx guys,

I will check this out soon :slight_smile:

I was wondering this same thing. I just realized that when it said 800 poison damage over 3 seconds, that means it’s going to do 275 or whatever it would be each second until 3 seconds is up, I’m right in that thinking correct? Obviously their resistances are taken into effect so it could end up only being 550 or 600 damage.

But when my poisoner is higher in level I should have about 8 or so skills that do XXX Damage over 3-10 seconds. So all those will stack? So in theory I could be doing about 8,000 damage those first 3 seconds until the skills start wearing off? If not more.

Yes…In both theory and practice you can put around 120.000 poison DoTs in 3 seconds if you want to.

But 120,000 worth of DoT’s in 3 seconds is 120,000 points of damage divided by 3 + enemies resistance, right? So on the enemies we would see maybe 35-40,000 damage ticks, every second for 3 seconds? Up to the grand total of 120,000 or whatever it would be with their resistances.

This is based on every piece of poison damage saying Do XXXX of poison damage over 3 seconds.

Now if it said do 120,000 Poison damage every second, and the duration was 5 seconds, that would be more like 600,000 damage at the end of it, I’m assuming.

No - I mean you can put a real (counting resistances) 120.000 DoT / second with a charging time of 3 seconds. That means a real, in vivo, DPS of 120k not counting other sources. And that’s actually the lowest value you can get if u decide not to cheese the game.

And yes - your assumption if correct - a late-game poison build can out-dps a blademaster.

Poison damage reaches ridiculous levels and duration but you dont need special stuff to beat ult, this is my char when i beat Log, the damage is 50k normal tick with the only debuff I use, Night Chill

That is a big picture, might pay to shrink it a little bit :slight_smile:

Also, lol’d at the attrib points :), my Warlock is similar but i think we play a bit different, I am 80 just reaching Homestead :confused: I created a third character(DS Conjurer), because i needed to create more stash place. OMG they failed so badly with storage space in this game :(, Hooray for modding support :slight_smile: