Diablo 2 - Median XL

Anyone out there currently play or have played the Median XL mod/ Diablo2 realms?
1.2 coming up soon

I played it a bit in the realms. Median XL is like a new game for d2 and was really fun… I look forward the new update :slight_smile:

They will be highlighting sigma incoming features up until release some time in the next 1-2 months. Been a long time waiting for this.

I played this single player back 5-6 years ago (must have been 2012) and it was one of the better ARPG experiences Ive ever had.
Do they still have Pummel Treewardens? bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk

they do have treewardens.

As well as many cool new features
Just to list a few…

  • no more player corpses(well they spawn in town for now when you die)
  • removed sprite limit (no more turning things invisible)
  • changed max resolution* (comig with sigma)
  • reworked ubers
  • tons of qol updates

I just discovered this mod this July, and I absolutely love it. D2 is one of my all time favorite games, but this mod just makes it so much better; I don’t think I could go back to playing unmodded.

I am looking forward to Sigma, though I think FG is coming out at about the same time . . .

sigma is getting close. heres some screen shots showing off the new ui and some other things https://imgur.com/a/UM4p6qo

I just installed D2 & MXL. I haven’t played it much yet, got myself hooked on the Diablo 1 Belzebub mod when I’m not playing Titan Quest or Grim Dawn. I’ll have to try to set some time to try it out more thoroughly during the holidays while the kids are ignoring me hahaha.

I’m thinking about replaying Diablo 2.
Should I try this mod or just play original+LoD?

With the new version coming out in a week, is there a point to installing the current version? I’ve yet to try it out, and an am pretty curious.

Looks awesome!
I stopped playing D2 when I discovered GD 1,5 years (or so) ago. Might give that mod a try once GD gets boring for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Changelog looks beastly and the game looks approachable even for newer players without getting turned off by the ancient engine (if you thought TQ’s was old…)
I wish I had some time to sink in this, but I’ve been busy lately and barely even have time for GD.

SIGMA HAS BEEN RELEASE OH MY GOD I’ve waited so long for this moment

Their website is getting HAMMERED right now. Page won’t load.

Could you guys link me to a solid tweak guide??

I just installed D2, then XL, and the screen is too small for my liking… (I’d like to be zoomed in on my toon a bit, but stay in windowed mode)

Google pulled up multires, d2se, and plugy? It’s a little much for a saturday night on painkillers lol

In the (upper left)(?) corner of the launcher is a gearsymbol, click that for launch options, uncheck “windowed”.

Happy hunting.

ok new update was kinda disappointing, I guess i was overhyped, there isn’t that much you can do with such an oldass game.

leveling is PAINFUL…

Imo, everything is painful in D2, with or without Median.
Tried the new release, but I agree with you, it is just forking olde.
Even with the new, somewhat higher resolution it still looks like shit.
Five minutes, and my eyes start bleeding.

And don´t get me started on Quality of life stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hell, I can´t even play TQ/IT anymore, now that GD is around, and I freaking loved TQ, but it´s just too painful now, and D2 is naturally even worse.

At this point, I hope Blizzards unholy Ghost won´t make a “reforged” version, because that would probably be a different game, in the end.

I feel kind of the same way. They made it more challenging, and added a bunch of new content. But it is still an old game. And there are so many more that are better now - granted, a lot of those were built based on the Diablo model.

Really? What level are you currently at or did you play to? Buddy and I are up to 114 and have been having a blast. I felt like the level progression flew by. We’re both big time D2 vets but Median XL noobs and we’ve felt like Sigma is the perfect Diablo 2.5 fix.