Diablo 3 Event: Darkening of Tristram

Using a completely fresh character, Wizard class, on Hard difficulty (Accidentally on Normal til after Butcher) to give this a fair assessment. No pre-spent Paragon Points to assist me, although definitely not as a rule. I’m just assuming it is balanced outside of it.

The Contrast takes a nosedive, and although not unpleasant, not to any nostalgic benefit so far. But you do get to walk everywhere all super-duper slow! And alongside your slick new walking animation and static sprite background, you get to listen to Tristram’s Theme. (Duh.)

Walking around, you’ll find various classic characters like Griswold and Farnham in the form of corpses. I imagine we ignore for now. Walking down the northern path into Labyrinth Level 1, swapping out my wand for the Solid Short Sword found from the corpse outside, because D3 logic.

So far, it’s D3 with a new walk, and pseudo-1999 filter. And my Objective is “Slay The Dark Lord”.

Well, sheesh. I’ll uhh, see what I can do, I guess.

I can’t help but feel like i’m playing SNES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, over Diablo 1. I remember Diablo 1 being distinctively more scary and difficult. But so far, this is far too zany and whimsical, exploding the screen with pretty colors after each cast of my frostbeam and arcane orbs.

But then I found the Butcher, and things became a lot less zany;

And a lot less whimsical;

Was a cool little fight. But too easy. Re-checking the difficulty settings, I was on Normal the whole time. Though unless his mechanics change according to difficulty, i’ll imagine he’s easy either way.

Now with the Hard difficulty checked, i’m off to the King Leoric area. Again, it’s a neat little area, but the fight hardly poses any challenge. Basically kill hordes of skeletons as Leoric proceeds to miss all his attacks. And eventually;

Now so far, i’ve gotten a couple pieces of shiny gear, though nothing to write home about. I did end up getting a Legendary 2h mace “Crushbane”, and although it makes my Wizard look a little silly, It essentially doubles my damage. For me though, this is about the casual experience. I imagine every kind of player can get his fix, though I won’t get too in depth about gear or numbers.

I was very intrigued about the skill “Energy Twister”, and it turned out to be pretty disappointing. Drained about 1/3rd mana, and proceeded to tickle the monsters that it managed to hit. I do not recommend that skill.

Going into the Chamber of Bone, managed to get a good laugh at a boding monologue, threatening “Eternal Death” at those that would steal its treasure. At first ‘Eternal’ makes it sound worse, then just humorously redundant.

Around the 7th level of the Labyrinth, you finally start feeling threatened. Acid Beasts projectiles were hitting me for about a quarter total life, and it wasn’t uncommon needing to dodge a few of them at once. I’ve run into The Halls of the Blind, which is essentially just a dark area with blink-like monsters (but when you have a wizard lugging around a giant mace called ‘Crushbane’, you can’t help but feel the enemies are the true underdogs)

Labyrinth Level 8 was my first death, after being zerged by these hulking dudes, but I could just revive where I was. I’m struggling to understand why I even bother having a healthbar at this point.

I enjoyed seeing this guy, though he was less dangerous than the trash mob before him, which was disappointing.

I’ll be totally honest, at this point it felt like I tripped into Level 9, and fell my way down to Level 15. Not much to report, I upgraded some gear, killed some baddies until I could finally just rmb the classic Diablo to death in a very mundane final fight, of which I decided to let you fully experience with me via video. Try not to fall asleep, and the cringy face-tanking is intentional;

TL;DR It was a decent run-through, and somewhat worth the time, but definitely could have been more. Is it any reason to go buy D3ROS? No. And I gotta say, that was plenty of D3 for me. You won’t find me purchasing The Rise of the Necromancer pack.

I actually felt insulted that they actually felt this should be released as worthy of a 20th Anniversary celebration.

The fact that before release they commented that it’s more than it was going to be due to some ‘passionate staff’ (Blizzcon) made it worse

Holy shit! I didn’t know they could make an entire game on MS Paint. I’m not even mad that’s pretty impressive


I won’t deny that the concept was niche, neat idea. There’s the few seconds of “Hmm that’s cool” when the art and animations change.

I think what ultimately ruins the experience for me, is the ridiculous amount of convolution within all of the difficulties. I wasn’t about to constantly adjust it like the temperature in the room, but I wanted a proper challenge.

I tried to play it, but after looting a bookshelf on the 1st level my character became stuck. When I ported to town it started running toward the upper right of the screen and the mouse doesn’t work. ALT+TAB out of Windows and the mouse still doesn’t work. Ended task of D3 and the mouse still doesn’t work. Had to reboot.

That was my first, and probably last, experience with the dungeon.

wish we could get a similar event like this: imagine Grim Yawn: The Brightening of Cairn:eek:

given the complaints about the recent lighting changes it seems we already did :wink:

Maybe so but the developers at crate are true gamers and listen to their community. Unlike the knuckleheads at Blizzard who are too busy shoving their heads up each others arse

Also wasn’t “brightening of Cairn” a bug?

yes and no, they fixed a bug in a shader and made some other lighting changes which overall became too bright. The game was meant to be a bit brighter however.

Overall I like where we ended up better than where we started out

Awesome pics. I have a ton of D3 time logged but even with this event going on I can’t find motivation to go back for season 9.

Yup. I have the same problem. Would like to get back to D3 but the updates so far haven’t really been interesting enough :confused:

d3 is in horrible state. This event was so uselles, boring as fack…

I logged in, played the event for about … 20 minutes or so, and then shut it down. Haven’t launched the BNet client since. Honestly thinking about freeing up the hard drive space at this point. I’ve gotten my $35 or so worth of enjoyment out of the game and expansion.

have played the tristam dugeon enough in the first game. Also not the same sensation when you begin and get the “butchers” quest. Have still nighmares with it

That “AAH FRESH MEAT” is still up there for best lines in a game that made me nearly shit myself the first time.