Diablo Immortal impressions: A good smartphone game saddled with F2P nonsense | Ars Technica

LOL… Makes me appreciate Grim Dawn even more.

they should just limit the f2p microtransactions on cosmetic items and it’ll be fine. and diablo is one of the largest vid game franchise out there so of course lots of people will buy it. but no, they want dumb and lazy/busy customers to fork over their money constantly for instant gratification.

its a good thing riggs is not one a member of crate developer team for gd.

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Yes, it’s going to be a very popular game. Already 1 million downloads according to Game Pressure:

It took me 19 years before a got my first Stone of Jordan in D2 (I played the game on and off over the years) with crappy Magic Find and Nightmare difficulty. I shiver to think how DI players will struggle before they pull out their wallets. By comparison with GD, it took me 30-50 runs to complete Krieg set.

in this age, there’s just already too many video games (both old and new) sitting out there waiting to be played by players of all age. the temptation to explore those games is stronger than the willpower of players to grind for months on a single loot grinding game.

when dealing with f2p lootbox gachaesque games like diablortal, players should just make few smart purchases that would let them enjoy most contents of the game, before moving on and explore other games rather than trapping themselves in this casino game.

Yeah. Sticking with just one game is limiting yourself and ARPGs tend to be very repetitive. That’s why I rotate between other games like cRPG or action games. With Farthest Frontier coming eventually, I might even play something completely new.

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all those money…:joy:

Join the fun on $25 Rift Simulator

I am having a lucky run…

Edit: Man, I should have taken a screenshot of getting my third one at only $4,000. The fourth one turned out to be a bit more expensive…

Would this cover university fees in the US?

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