Diablo: Immortal

Another one for the “don’t you guys have phones?” collection. :smiley:

I will for sure mention it in my video on Diablo - Immortal

loooks like paying for microtransaction is the future of gaming:eek:

Blizzard be like to those complaining: “Don’t you guys have any money?”:frowning:

Future? It’s a reality, man.

I literally said that while reading the previous post. Great minds :cool:

Quoting from another thread.

Do you know how many copies D3 sold? Yes, that many. So there are plenty of people disappointed.

Do you know how many companies went bankrupt in the past? Interplay, Telltale etc Whats wrong with wanting Blizzard to go down or become more humble?

If you watch this you ll find out they moved alot of their devs to work on mobile platform. Blizzard is kinda dead. WoW Classic is a disappointment, top 3 devs from HS left etc.

I dont know about mob mentality. I didnt care about scandals involving bethesda or pewdiepie, but obhoy Ill dislike blizzard immortal every time theyll reupload the trailer/remove dislikes.

Dunno if I am grumpy yet or not but Im 40 years old and I was witness when Blackthorne, Lost Vikings or Diablo 1 were released.
Before Blizzcon i told some ppl i will love if there will be bad news about diablo and some ppl will boo them there. I ve been replied it will never happen because ppl can go to blizzcon with their pets and blizzard would kidnapp the animals and ppl will still be fanbois. Guess its not rly like that.

Ha. I just peeked in here and what do I see… a quote of me :wink:

Were you hoping that I’d engage you on this? psst I’m exactly 40 years old too… 1978 ftw

Requesting Crate to make a reference to " Immortal D" a very mobile boss in Forgotten gods as an easter egg. Thanks:D

Blue post from Diablo community manager:

We want to start by saying we hear you.

Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.


It’s funny how she says “we want to start by saying…”, which implies that it’s going to be a long read. But then it’s just three sentences.

Diablo community manager can go and play my sucky Grim Dawn builds

My money goes to them releasing something about D4 in the coming months if they actually have enough of something to show. They kinda forced their own hand on it.

At this point it’s the only thing that’s going to recover some of the lost ground.

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Youtuber YongYea talks about Blizzard shadily removing dislikes and comments on their Diablo Immoral youtube upload:


I mean, why do this? It will get found out, and soon. How hard is it not to fail at PR 101? :rolleyes:

Panic is why, they wanted to minimize and do damage control but obviously the person in charge had no idea what to do except make it worse. They legitimately had no idea that it was going to turn out the way it did and were essentially completely unprepared.

It’s sad to say but they truly believed in their mobile game and only thought they would get some mild pushback. They should’ve probably grabbed a random person on the street and pitched the entire scenario and asked for their opinion on how it would go. That random person could have probably told them exactly how it would go.

And technically they already failed on the PR front otherwise they would either never have revealed it at that venue to begin with or being determined to reveal it no matter what they would have smoothed it over by actually throwing the crowd a bone with what they were really there to see.

They could have saved pretty much everything by just being smart enough to show something, anything… that had to do with D4. It was that simple. People would have swallowed the mobile game bit and left at least somewhat happy.

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Diablo 2 Producer Mark Kern adds his thoughts:


Poor Rhykker. The guy makes a living out of Diablo content and is in good relations with Blizzard people and as dissappointed as he is. can’t go on a rant, can’t make content either atm. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. They guy is legit worried.


As someone said on the Discord he needs to branch out into other games.

Yes, comments say, welcome to POE :slight_smile:

He probably had more people and perks from Blizzard

Yeah, I watched it earlier and commented on it over in medierra’s thread, and pretty much said the same thing (except that now he could stream GD instead). It was kinda hard to watch him struggle, honestly. A few times there I thought he was almost on the verge of crying.

I think he at one point did do a GD vid/review or something.

I didn’t quite feel totally bad for him when he was like, “My girl and I just bought a condo” blah blah blah… I was just like dude… don’t, just don’t do that. That’s grovelling and nobody is going to care about how easy your life has been raking in that EZ streamer cheese. Suck it up. You talk in front of a camera, edit your video and slap it on YT or Twitch or wherever and proceed to get rich because of it. EZ PZ. You got a fanbase that will probably watch whatever you want to stream.

He should do Grim Dawn LOL