Diablo was released on Gog today

For the fans who are interested, check it out: https://www.gog.com/game/diablo

Hmm. Maybe I’ll finally give it a shot at some point.

I see no mention of the expansion though, which…certainly makes it less appealing.

WOW!, that is certainly interesting. But as good as the classic was, I don’t think I will bother playing it. It just hasn’t aged well.

It’s just the base game, so without it, it’s just not worth it.

I don’t know many who feel the Hellfire expansion is necessary to enjoy Diablo. It was made a different studio and has a very tacked-on feel.

Also looks like they added high resolution support and fixed some bugs.

$4.99 would be a better price tag though.

I still have a cd for this, but no drive to put it in. Modern times…

Diablo 2 and the expansion would be worth $10 if it ever makes it to GoG. I tried Diablo 1 and it has NOT aged well. Nevermind there are basically zero abilities.

I found a HD widescreen mod for D1 a couple years ago, I dug up an old laptop with a dvd drive to install from my old cd and tried it. But as you said, it has aged horribly. Having to click for every single attack, dear gods. When you die your gear is showered onto the floor, naked retrieval required. I could go on, but I won’t. The mod made it look fairly nice and modern, but the mechanics are gloriously outdated.

Way too over priced for such an old game. Blizzard is definitely trying to milk the franchise with all of these “multiple diablo projects” lol.

lol, I wonder if this counted as one of them :smiley:

It probably did. I would if I ran Blizzard :smiley:

I have so many memories of trying to recover my gear. Like literally spending hours.

I do not doubt that after the Diablo Immortal disaster they factored in a Diablo 1 GOG game as a “new” projects for the Diablo Franchise.

Again… Milking the franchise for all it’s worth. Ironic because the game mechanically is so archaic and as such should be beneath Blizzard’s already low bar for a successful game. Even more hilarious that they already did it with the Diablo 3 Tristram Event showing the companies complete lack of creativity (Overwatch being a Team Fortress 2 rip off imo).

same, this being Blizz, I expect them to count it, even if I would not count it

If they had remastered it the way they are remastering Warcraft, it should count, but this…

This probably got some suit a million dollar bonus for his “They seem to want the old school diable, lets release that.” idea.

But, you own it. Yeah, we never had a chance with videogame ownership in fact.

GOG always tries their best to get old games on their platform. This was just one of many projects they worked really hard on. Its not that rare. They even managed to get games from EA on their store. Not everything has a big drama story behind it. You guys are turning into fucking conspiracy theorists at this point. You need a reality check…geez

What conspiracy ? Discussing whether Blizz counted this as one of the four Diablo projects they mentioned, as this was in progress at the time and they knew about it and prefered a higher number of projects ? Not sure how that qualifies as a conspiracy…

I always wondered what those 4 projects were, clearly DI, D4, probably a remaster of D2 (similar to the WC3 remaster, ie a true update), which leaves one more…

We all know it’s going to be Diablo Kart.

I would actually pay for this :smiley:

The very first time I died I literally ran right past my corpse and thought to myself, that’s weird. Why is that there? lol