Did I ruin this build?

Hello all. I just got my first build to level 50 and I’m afraid I’ve wasted my attribute points without realizing it. I’m going for a sorcerer gunslinger fire strike based build and I have so far spent 25 points in physique, 10 in cunning, and 15 in spirit. I based this on some info I read when I started but didn’t realize it was an old build and now I’m thinking I wont have enough in physique for Ultimate. I’m about to finish my first play through in veteran and I don’t know if I should retire this character after that.

Also, if any of you could point me towards a highly viable ultimate build based on Sorcerer I would be so grateful.


there should be chance to reset atributes in the expac… but pump most if not all points in physique

It is not ruined yet. With all stats at max level and 50/50 of demo and arcanist mastery.

Your final stats will be 845:455:570 (Physique:Cunning:Spirit)
Stats Allocation = 65:10:15 {= from now on, focus only into physique}

The main purpose on stats is to have enough requirement for equip gear. With 845 physique you can wear most of the gear except heavy armor(those may fit soldier or shaman base than sorc) [Around 970 physique]

Empowered Legplates of Valor is the only heavy pants sorc may need. But you can find other pierce and bleeding resistance pants.

MIs like Solael-Sect and Dreeg-Sect with stonehide prefix are better than it.

PS. Anyway, you can use 3rd party or mod to change you stats.

About ultimate viable.
Yes, It is viable. Just be careful act 3. Snowy maps and Hulks at aetherial map are only our deadly foes.
Be careful of trip mines at Plain of Strife and Stone Golem throwing magma balls to you.
Those are all my advice

Thanks so much for the replies. I would like to avoid using 3rd party apps to mod the character. I have the willpower to avoid adding items and such but I feel like it still takes away from the experience a bit. I wont spend any more points other than physique and if the expac lets me respec then all the better.

Not sure what your damage skills are or spells you are using but you haven’t ruined anything. Spirit will give you more energy regen for those expensive mana intensive spells and cunning will add to your offensive ability which is really important in Ultimate to land good crits and do more damage through crits. If your OA is too low you won’t be doing much damage because you won’t be able to hit the enemies or the bosses. No need for using a 3rd party program as your build is fine. Also depending on what gear you ultimately want to equip you may need more points in spirit or cunning so I think you are fine.

You can reset by the way in expansion the stats so don’t worry bout it much, only worry if you can’t wear your set

I’ve been playing purely HC and my builds will typically max at 65 physique and I’ve been more than fine. Keep goin m8!

Don’t think its ruined yet to be honest.