Did Shattered Realms change?

Or does it depend on level? I tried it with a lowby once, say early 50s, and I had to kill a bunch of monsters and then race to the blue portal before I could continue to the next one.

I just did it with my level 100 and fought mainly bosses, some mobs, and I didn’t have to race to a blue portal. All I had to do was click on the npc to delve deeper as he said to the next level

Another question. Does the time clock even matter? I died once on shard 60 and lost 6 minutes of time and I had over 6 minutes left. I died 5 more times before I could continue to 61. From 61 to 84, I didn’t have any clock at all. Did that effect my loot at the end at all? I guess that was 2 questions.

I have another too. Does that npc in the Shattered Realm sound a lot like Cain from Diablo 2 and 3?

SR play format is the same regardless of your character level
there are 4 chunk rooms making up a shard, the final room will always be a boos fight, what the other 3 are will be sorta random. Can be quick pseudo boss rooms, or generic maps with monsters spread out and a nemesis or two
shard number will factor in to this, lower shards tend to have less enemy density so need to clear more, but also seem to have less nemesis spawn and in my experience some of the novelty chunks doesnt’ seem to occur at all (tho that might just be RNG)

losing the timer costs you 2 bonus chests, once you’ve lost it you cant’ make it up again, but dying once, still having time left, and making the timer when finishing costs you nothing


I was wondering about the chunk part of it. It had the number 1 for the chunk when I was doing SR at 100. I forget what the chunk number was when I was in my 50s. Interesting that it changed a bit, that makes it a bit more fun. The run I just did was the smalls rooms with the bosses. I guess the red letter bosses are nemesis? I think I had 6 blue chests and 2 yellow chests plus the shrine when I collected my loot. Now I have to try it again. Should I stop at 75 to get the celestial waystone blueprint? I got the death one that would open 80, but I need the celestial to make it.