Difference between skill cooldowns

I am wondering if there is a list or just a common rule about skill cooldowns.

Some cooldowns start after you activated the skill. And others start when the duration of the skill has ended.

The cooldown of “Blood of Dreeg” will start after you activated the skill.
The cooldown of “Menhir’s Will” will start after the duration has ended (at least thats what i have thought/heard a long time ago, so i could be wrong).

So what kind of cooldown does the skill from Mythical Fateweaver’s Leggings have for instance?
Or the skill from Mythical Chausses of Barbaros.

Cooldowns are basically the same. If a skill’s cooldown ticks after it ends, it’s probably because they wanted to make it visible for the player, just to make sure they know when it’s up or not.

For example, Fighting spirit has 16 seconds cooldown while 8 seconds activation time (is active for 8 seconds), while in fact it might be 24 second cooldown, starting when the skill comes up (16 seconds visible cooldown for us + 8 seconds while active, for a total of 24 but it’s still 16 because the 8 seconds tick when the skill is active).

If I am wrong about that, it’s probably just as I said before - some buffs should be visible to players no matter what, to make them know when it is off cooldown.

I’ve figured this out before with other people in the discord channel:
Active skills and offensive devotion skills start their cooldown after the skill activation.
Proc skills and defensive devotion skills start their cooldown after the skill duration.

Is this an accurate rule of thumb?

So some examples for this if it is accurate:

  • -A passive devotion proc such as Stone Form (8s duration, 12s cd) has 20s between uses, starting after activation or 12s after completion
  • -An active devotion such as Hungering Void (20s duraton, 30s cd) has 30 seconds between uses, after activation or 10s after completion
  • -An item proc such as the Blood of Cthon Fire and Brimstone (6s duration, 10s recharge) has 16s between uses after an activation or 10s after completion
  • A defensive proc skill such as Blast shield(4s duration, 13s recharge) has minimum 17 seconds between uses after an activation or 13s after completion
  • An active offensive skill such as Devastation (5s duration, 18s cd) has 18 seconds between uses after an activation or 13s after completion

*I just assumed that in all cases the recharge period started after the skill activated, but then I got to wondering if I was once again making a false assumption for a particular mechanic… and this is the only definitive post I could find discussing this.

I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it either.

It would be great if the game just explicitly noted whether the cooldown starts after duration, in coloured text.

I have used Healing Rain on multiple characters, and the cooldown is almost non-existent. I think Stone Form is the same. The cooldown timer definitely starts after activation, so I can’t really see a pattern here.