Difficulty Tokens - Yikes

Holy sh*t. Rolled a new Shieldbreaker from lvl 1 on elite and it is crazy tough. I have three other old characters on ultimate and nothing has been as challenging as taking this lvl 1 through elite. I’m starting to wonder if I just should have rolled it through the normal difficulties :furious:

Nah, you should have jumped straight to Ultimate :wink:

Slow killing, but you level fast…

Yeah, level 29 by Milton Hart.

Holy shit, I haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of it yet but that sounds amazing. I assume the quests still give the same exp so one turn in gives multiple levels?

Yeah, and even doubly so if you make sure to transfer your new character some XP potions (from the malmouth faction vendor). Just beat The Warden, level 54 :smiley:

I’m REALLY digging the difficulty tokens, will def make rolling new characters so much better and not have to go through veteran -> epic -> ultimate ever again.

It’s definitely nice to avoid the veteran -> elite -> ultimate route. Maybe it’s my build… rolled a Shieldbreaker, one-handed ranged with shield. I really want to make it work.

If you really want to level fast guys, have a high lvl friend take you through a high shard in Shattered Realm XD.

I rolled the same. It’s def not the easiest to make it work but you can def progress, all without twinking (I am using 0 items from other characters). The two summons you get from Oathbringer really help out, especially early on.

Shield throw is pretty ho-hum, though in the last 3-4 levels it’s finally getting up to muster.

Yes, esp. early on you can jump by 8 or so levels at once

Do you use Fire Strike or Righteous Fervor as your default attack?

Just cleared the FG campaign on an Ultimate-at-level-1 character. Damn it was hard! Level 50 by Krieg, around level 62 after final boss. Now that I’ve gone back to the original content, it’s so much easier (Arkovia etc.). So if you want to try the new content, doing it fresh after the Warden is really hard.

Also, I found that level 1-50 was incredibly fast, but 50+ is very slow and your character can really plateau without good gear found/transferred.

To put this in perspective, I’m playing a mortar trap + devastation sorc.

How important it is to twink to get a smooth leveling experience? I am very much interested in skipping Veteran/Elite, and it would be even better if you could get non-glacial claering speed with self-found gear (even if you need to do a quick crucible jumpstart for 5 devotion points and a quick yellow/green load out).

My lvl25 Aegis Oathkeeper is permanently stuck on And Not a Drop to Drink since too many heroes in the way, Aegis doesn’t do enough damage and bosses have WAY too much health.

Ah, now here is some potential good fun.

I see a good opportunity for a racing challenge:

Time trials for specific class combos -> 100 ssf (self-found) starting from ultimate fresh new character.

Reminds me of the fun of PoE races. I might just try that when I get a chance. See how far you get until time of first death.

I’m doing a Shieldbreaker too, but using sword and shield. Firestrike as left click, Aegis to pick off remote enemies but Judgment is my main (and favorite) attack. With some retribution damage, whatever survives the first pull is quick to polish off.

I think twinking is very very helpful to ensure a doable leveling experience. The first 20 levels or so can be done purely using base damage of skills, but when you insta-level to 30 or so, the mobs are already outscaling base damage and you need some damage bonuses.

I cleared warden on my Aegis Oathkeeper, but it was very hard and slow. Even once I got full Perdition set transferred, the mobs did too much damage to weather many hits (and this is will overguard, ascension, fortress relic, everything to be tanky).

If there is a way of leveling your character while being able to kite, I strongly recommend using it to level for a while. After level 50 or so, the main campaign gets a bit easier IMO.