directx12 support

this game needs directx12 support asap. it just cries for it. i can hear it right now.

Please explain what you need DX12 for or for what reason this game needs it also.

There’s this arcane mumbo jumbo about greater overheads that help avoid cpu bottlenecks by allowing more draw calls(?), something like mantle for everyone. I won’t even pretend to know what all this means, but there have been some pretty tech demos with spaceships and stuff so it must be good!

Not sure if you can press a button and have Dx12 Grim Dawn without breaking stuff, though. If it’s possible, please button-pusher, do it!:smiley:

DX12 would be nice in the sense of lowering low FPS in some areas of the game, but it’s not realistic at this point in development. They don’t have the resources to rebuild the engine to take advantage of DX12 features.

since ive already tasted mantle and other dx12 demos, i can summarize simple as that: fucking awesome and mind blowing.

makes you wonder what they were doing all these years with dx9,10 and 11 and what a mutilation of hardware capabilities it actually is.

i didnt post this because i wanted the game to look better - which it actually would on dx12, but just a little bit - but because the performance is much better.

i can give you a little example, i ran the same sequence of bf4 with direct3d11 with 60 fps while on mantle with 90fps, and directx12 will be even better.

its said to also be able to utilize nvidia and amd cards at the same time.

this game needs directx12 for the same reason fatshark will put dx12 into their vermintide, probably.

well ive heard from an mmorpg developer that a team of 3-4 guys can port a game into dx12 in a month or so.

check here for a simple explanation even featuring a neat video, too:

and a little bit more technical stuff for you:

And here we have the problem:

It would require this team to completely recode the entire game to accommodate these changes.

It’s not going to happen, however regrettably it may be.

whatever you hear is not the game, that just is a waste of effort (or a large rewrite of the engine, which is not all that feasible).

Assuming Crate works on a new engine for the next game, they should support DX12 there, but adding support here gains you nothing.

so you gain somewhere between 0 to 5% FPS (nVidia, until they improve their async structure) and 10% to 20% FPS (AMD) and require Win 10 to even benefit at all.

A lot of effort for a small gain… if you create a new engine, by all means, design it with support in mind, bht for an existing one it is not really worth it, esp if you are a small developer

Not a bad suggestion(More power to you OP), but like the others said it would probably not be as cost effective to improve performance vs fixing bugs/balance and creating a new expansion which a lot of players have been waiting for.

The thing is, DX12 won’t make it look better and it won’t make it run faster. DX12 gives the dev’s more tools and the ability to make the game look better and run faster, but it is up to the dev’s to pull it off. And just because one group of dev’s managed to convert a game in X time frame, does not mean your average dev team could do the same.

It could be nice, but at this point, the odds are minuscule it’ll happen.

u wot? complete bs.

What do you think DX12 is? It certainly is not a gaming engine. It’s an API that dev’s create the game engines with that is the base for the graphics of a game. If the dev’s don’t design it to create better graphics, there will not be better graphics.

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The game could do with a new renderer, DX11 has massive benefits in the multithreading department over DX9 which is severely deprecated.

Does Crate have the manpower and money to write a new renderer let alone a shiny new DX12 renderer? Unlikely.

dx12 is windows 10 only, i fail to see why anyone should or would go for that instead of dx11.

yeah, right… port a little tiny itsy-bitsy game, if they have intricate knowledge of the old api used and if they have intricate knowledge of the new api and if they still know all the the relevant code of the game down to the last bit… in the end that’s just gibberish.