Dirge or Arkovia Relic: Minion not aggressive

I’ve set him to aggressive and still nothing. I’ll command him to attack but sometimes he’s just too far away and comes walking at the slowest speed. Most of my minions by then already cleared the room/area.

Sure sometimes it attacks and uses its special but rarely does it ever charge.

This minion is made to be passive or maybe it’s just bugged?

Image is of him standing by me when boss is engaged. Never attacked or used his special. Didn’t order it to attack. I just wanted to show you guys what it does. P.S. Boss was killed, but minion did nothing…

Attachment: Inked20171020112714_1_LI.jpg

yeah other posted this too. i wasted my currency on that relic :furious:. i hope it will be patched

Would of made Bysmiels instead if I knew the minion was like this :furious:

Does the minion respond to pet command attack?

It does but sometimes in large areas it’s too far away and comes at the slowest speed. I only use pet commands to isolate a big threat towards me, other than that, the other minions take care of the weaker mobs just fine. i want it to do what the other melee minions do, charge or engage in battle.

PS: It’s like total speed of my everything doesn’t effect him. He walks and attacks at normal speeds. If total speed does effect him, then wow, he is a super slow minion and therefore a drag to have around.

I have +45% total speed or so on my lvl 88 death knight, and my minion moves pretty fast when he gets it in his mind to attack something. Sometimes I just summon him in between me and mobs at the start of a battle so that he aggros everything.