Dirge pet behavior & pet commands

(Pet bonuses are +63% cast and run speed, and +113% attack speed.)

The golem’s aggression is much improved, but it’s still a bit of a slowpoke. It gets left behind easily even when I’m in my Fiendflesh boots (121% character run speed) and has to teleport constantly to catch up.

This wouldn’t be a huge problem except it’s always late to the front lines when moved by pet command; the hellhound, blight fiend, and skeletons all move much faster. The golem’s casting behavior actually exacerbates this, because it’ll first do its slow imprison animation, and later clomp its way forward, by which time the fight is almost over. It has an enormous health pool which almost never budges because it rarely gets close to anything.

In practice, the best approach seems to be setting its aggression to max and just letting it do its own thing. Again, this wouldn’t be a huge problem except for the fact that there’s no way to move all pets except the golem. So, repositioning my minions always involves a greater loss of DPS from the golem than anything else.

It’d be nice if the golem got a boost in run speed and casting speed for the imprison, but what would really help is changing the Select Pet 1-5 hotkeys to Select Pet Group 1-5, and adding a further 5 hotkeys to give a pet group a direct attack order. Pet groups could be designated the same way aggression is set now, with a right-click on the pet status box.

If pet groups aren’t feasible, how about an all pet move & attack hotkey - go to this position, but kill anything you see on the way? That might help the golem be more consistently useful, as it would be able to use its casting range to full effect. It would improve raven behavior too.