Discovering a vitality summoner. Can you help?

Remember this is only a proof of concept, or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that the concept or theory has practical potential.

That being said, here is what I threw together in 10 minutes.

Grim Tools

Don’t waste your energy worrying about caps on OAs and DAs and resistances. I am well aware the balancing act for getting proper OA/DA and resistances, AND everything for pets borders on nightmarish. Still my hope is for someone to do the absolute best they can with this idea. Even if the best OA/DA you can do is sub-3k, etc., so be it. I’m interested to see how far someone can push it.

Hopefully the aim of the build comes across. I know split damage sources are always a bad thing, but I want a build that let’s me get in melee with my pets supporting. I’m only 800 hours short for being able to quickly look over a build and determine what could/should be changed.

No need to remind me this build is sub-optimal. Only interested in this build’s best possible setup.

Anyone out there willing to take a look?

Vitality summoner… ok? … check GrimTool link and sees reaper… closes the browser.

Whelp. That’s my bad. Apologies. I should have included the dual-wield part at least. wtb edit to post title.

Only mods can change thread titles.

Hybrids VERY rarely “work”

And fuark that was a lot of double rare greenies… * closes link again * :smiley:

lol those greens can stay or go, up to whoever would take on this monumental task. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I appreciate you stopping by! Wish you’d read more of my post though. I was made fully aware of hybrids and the unlikely chance they’ll work, thanks to a post I made once before where I got drilled by mad_lee on the nature of hybrids. feelsbadman

I get I’m asking a lot when it’s someone’s free time spent on a build that they view as a “steaming pile of dung” to say the least, but that’s what I was hoping for.

Thanks again for your input!

Also, not a good idea to say “hey I spent 10 min on this can you finish it for me” :stuck_out_tongue:

And dude, you know what is meat by exclusive skill… right?

And you said VITALITY summoner? Where is your vitality resistance reductions?

I know they’re exclusives, I had both selected as a kinda “choose one” deal for someone with more knowledge. lol sorry about that.

I guess your first point is the whole problem, innit? Well… alright, you’ve given me some good feedback. I’ll come back in a few hundred more hours of game time before I make another silly post. Thanks again and sorry for the time wasting.

Nightblade is the very worst class you can choose for any kind of a pet build. It has absolutely nothing for pets, not even a buff aura. Undo mastery.



I guess what I keep trying to do is play something to the likeness of World of Warcraft’s death knight, being a melee class with pet support. I know hybrids are bad, but is a melee with pet support possible with any class combo?


Thank you! Definitely going to learn all I can from that massive post.

I guess I’d try something with Guardian of Death’s Gates and Bone Harvest bound to LMB. But I can’t think of good gearing do that

You can also use the Reverant devotion to spawn player scaled undead.

Thanks guys! Taking all this info in and hopefully can make something out of it.

I have updated my Old Ritualist so that it can be somewhat of a hybrid - your only attacks are Bone Harvest and Reap Spirit, but they are required to use because Guardian of Death’s Gate requires you to use attacks with 100% Weapon Damage to apply the RR.

Ignore the picture, but look at the GrimTools. I just updated it for FG; don’t expect big damage numbers from you, but you’re contributing a non-negligible amount for your pets.