[Discuss] Worst rare/green affixes

Please post what you feel are the worst green tier prefixes and suffixes. This will help the devs balance them as well as help me and Ceno do our own take on them for project cornucopia.

The more detail the better.


For example: of Incantations lvl 67
33% Disrupt Resist
+15% Total Damage
+4% Spirit
+27 DA

This is poop. 15% total dmg is basically 0% damage in the late game. Even if you’re using a crazy amount of damage types (which would be bad) this won’t help. We understand the appeal of total damage, but giving it in such paltry amounts relative to single damage types is not the answer.
The DA is small and negligible on casters. 4% spirit can be found on much better affixes, and the disrupt resist is the only thing semi-special on this affix but it is a niche feature that can’t carry the rest of the mess.

I am not sure but i allways thought total damage and % to all damage are different things like life leech and ADctH…

total damage just adds its % to all damage types. It is not a different multiplier.

And yes it would be pretty cool if you could mix those up and need to balance your gear
around different multiplier. It would destroy the actual balance of the game aswell.
(This is obviously only my oppinion)

sry for the offtopic.

I think a small pass to the flat OA offered on a lot of the modifiers could help a lot personally. The value feels a smidge too low, unless you get lucky and can get 2 OA+ modifiers, and even then will be outdone by a single “Of Attack” modifier. Makes it feel really bad to drop an Of Attack item, but OA is so critical to just have 100% accuracy at times.

Is there a difference in between total damage and all damage?

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All damage modifies all damage types by that % whereas total damage modifies your final damage number by that %

So how does total damage defer from damaged modified by? There appear to be 3 different things. % All damage is additive and adds to each damage type individually, total damage [still not 100% on this as it sounds identical to total damage modified] is potentially a multiplier, and then total damage modified is indeed an independent multiplier.

Is total damage independent of damage modified by?

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which would make them identical… x * 2 + y * 2 = (x + y) * 2

“Damage modified by…%” is a damage multiplier, % total/all damage is an additive change that just stacks on top of all other damage types you have. If I’m not mistaken, all damage and total damage are one and the same.

That’s what makes the most sense to me. I’ll test it out tonight.

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Does any of it work with retaliation?

Total damage is like elemental damage, but to all damage types. It’s effectively just a shorthand.

It’s a typo in gracefuldusk. It should be +%all damage.