Dismantle - Any Point - ?

Is there any point in dismantling? - Yes, I know that you can obtain components and scrap (not that additional sources of scrap are required once you get beyond the first couple of main quests), but most of the time it just seems to be a total waste of much-needed dynamite (as in much-needed for important things like opening up blocked areas) and generates nothing special, save for some brain-matter goop “special” component that I retrieved from one item.

I have even tried dismantling blue items and items with powers thinking, logically, that such items would produce something much-more impressive and worthwhile; but no, - no such luck, - just the same old scrap and (if I am very lucky) maybe a special or uncommon component. Am I alone in thinking that dismantle could do with a serious makeover, or am I missing something important, here?

As long as you keep dismantling, you will accumulate tens or hundreds of MI components, over time.
Dynamite is cheap.
Of course you shouldn’t expect to swim in components in a couple of tries.
Dismantling is not crucial for your progression, as long as you can obtain the materials other ways. But it helps tremendously.

You will need the scrap for green crafting

A) You will need the Scrap
B) Dynamite is either easy to craft and/or farm (Cronley is probably still valuable to farm)
C) You should limit yourself to Purple and maybe blue destroying lower is probably a waste of ressource.

There isnt any point in dismantling, except when you need scrap for crafting.
If you dont need scrap, dont waste dynamite.

Of course there is a point. Firstly for rare crafting materials that you can use with the Celestial Smith to get random Legendaries. Secondly for rare components that would cost you a lot of resources to get otherwise. Even the various elixirs and potions cost you components that are otherwise not dropped by any creature in the “wild”. You can only get them from destroying items or from bounties.

1-Scraps for green crafting
2-Rare materials like Ancient heart,tainted brain matter

I 've not played the expansion yet with my highest level character, but I also assume that over level 90 or so, blowing up items can give you the new Component types as well.

They don’t at the moment. Big Z says they can in the next patch though.

Fair enough, - thanks for the replies, - at least I can empty all the green items from my stash, now (and blow-up the blue stuff later…). I am looking forward to that new patch, too, - it’s always nice when there are new discoveries to be made by playing around and tinkering with things…

This is good news.