Hello! I’m quite new here and my stash is already full so I need space so my question is…

Is it worth it to dismantle greens/blues/rares?

  • Also if they’re found in like lvl 40 or even 30?

To answer some questions you could have after my question…

Yes I have all 4 transfer tabs + stash tab and 5 bags in inventory (It’s ALL full with ONLY blues & rares) I had to sell the greens to have space for blues, so I kinda hope they’re not worth it :smiley:
And I’m not going to make another character, change my build or trade, so nothing to be saved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dismantling Epics (blues) and Legendaries (purples) is totally worth it:
20% of the time dismantling epics or legendaries gives a rare crafting material (tainted brain matter, blood of chton, etc), which are very useful for crafting Relics. You also get lots of scrap that you can use use to craft and partial components.

I’m not sure if it’s worth dismantling Rares (greens). If I remember correctly the only time I exploded a green item, it was a monster infrequent and I got either a skeleton key or a rare material from that. Greens that are not monster infrequents probably aren’t worth dismantling.

Cool, thanks for the answer! Gotta get them dynamite then :smiley: