This may have been brought up already, or not? Not sure if this is a popular opinion, but having to use dynamite to dismantle your gear seems a little unnecessary and makes the process just a little more tedious. Was just wondering if maybe you planned a change for this or a different method, or perhaps it hasn’t been brought up at all. Just a small personal frustration I want some opinions on.
Playing the game now, still love it!

I mean, what would be the other way of dismantling then? Dynamites are not even hard to get in the first place, you can either farm or craft them.

I mean, we could use the materials that already fill up in the stash, mine is crammed full idk about you. A lot of these are used for crafting other things I do realize, I just don’t ever really get my hands on dynamite too often. Yeah it’s easy to farm, but for me personally it’s a drag going into those bandit caves again and again. Just an idea :slight_smile:

The blacksmith at Homestead will let you craft it.

Black Legion blacksmiths can craft dynamite by using Aether Shards, that you can craft by using Aether Crystals, that is one of the easiest crafting materials to farm.