Dmg auras?

What class other than inquisitor has an aura or passive that dwals aoe dmg so far I’ve found night blade but I’m not sure of any other classes or items I’ve had an idea to make an afkesque hands off build outside of movement. I’ve been using aura of censure w/ death’s chill to great effect only lvl 28ish atm but having fun lol. Only problem is bosses can be a wee bit slow but still is fun.

Theorycrafted an Infiltrator (Nightblade/Inquisitor) and came up with a kinda odd pistol + shield build that uses dmg auras.

Resistances might be a problem (5 resistances at 80% but all over capped a bit) but with permanent/temporary buffs you have 2400 OA and 2700 DA. With proc buffs it goes to 2920 OA and 3070 DA. Also has 15k health which is rather decent, lots of healing via skills + devotion and high dodge chance 38/65.

I saved the build so I’ll try it sometime in the future as it looks rather interesting and could be good maybe. Perhaps someone can guess what the build looks like as I’m not yet interested in sharing :wink:

There’s a new component with a damaging aura also, shop you’re not stuck with a certain mastery.

Seems like this could make for an interesting build. Inquisitor aura + item/set that causes Nightblade aura to deal damage.

We already have a thread about this: Includes all items / components that grant pernament damaging aura’s.