Do damage increases from devotions affect both physical and magical?

So for example, Rat. I’ll just use the last node in rat for this example

215 poison damage over 5 seconds
+20% poison damage with 30% increased duration

Does this apply the extra 215 poison damage (+20%) to the dot of my dreegs evil eye ability or any weapons with poison damage? And same for if i was to get another devotion skill that has a flat no percentage in acid for example? So if theres another node that has just 25 acid damage, that will apply to the initial damage of dreegs evil eye + weapon(providing it had acid damage?)

thanks in advance

Percentage damage applies to all sources of the damage.
Flat damage only applies to skills with %WDM in them.

Ok I think I was able to decipher your question but let me know if I did not answer it fully as it is somewhat confusing.

First of all, the 20% increased poison damage from the rat constellation affects any source of poison damage that you apply to a target. Each individual source of poison damage would see that 20% increase.

Second, the 215 poison per second from rat is (obviously) a flat source of poison damage that is independent from any other sources of poison damage. This will get applied to any monster that you attack and will do poison damage over time.

However, to truly understand your question you have to remember that poison is a magical effect and, more importantly, it is purely a damage over time effect. There is no poison damage on a hit, this is what you talk about when you say acid damage. In other words, poison is the damage over time brother to acid damage in the same way that burn is the damage over time brother to fire damage. So to use your example of Dreeg’s evil eye, when you hit an enemy with it, it will do some amount of initial damage based on the flat damage built into the skill (see acid damage and vitality damage if the line is fully maxed). This is the initial on hit damage. Dreeg’s evil eye also applies a poison dot that is built into the spell. This poison dot is independent of the poison dot from rat and BOTH will stack on the target. It can be confusing because the dot visual ticking off only shows as one number but every independent source of poison dot damage will stack on your target.

I hope this is the answer you are looking for and if not we can talk about it further. :slight_smile: