Do item abilities stack?

If I had, for example, two items “of Squalls” (5% chance on attack, 2s CD), how do they interact?

  1. Does the %chance work the same way the DB line does? (only 1 at a time can proc, total chance to do something is all the chances added up)
  2. Do they share the same cooldown, or do they have separate cooldowns?
  1. will check for proc individually, can actually both proc off the same attack;
  2. cooldowns are separate.

p.s. — proc builds are helluva fun in GD (counting devotion procs in there too) :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks. That’s the best case scenario I was hoping for :slight_smile:

I just thought of another question about item skills, albeit not about stacking.

If there is an item skill that shares a name with a Mastery skill (for example, Doom Bolt), and you have +X to Doom Bolt, would that affect the level of the item skill, or just the level of the Mastery skill?

It’s a separate Doombolt, so it doesn’t affect the Doombolt in the Occultist mastery. Items with skills from masteries usually have a set level (it says which level in the description).

Just the level of the Mastery skill.

Game consider it two different skills (and the stats are actually a bit different, iirc Doom Bolt on gear has 1.5 m radius, and Doom Bolt from Occultist skill tree has 2.5). Or, rather, one is castable skill you can bind devotions to, and other is just a proc, with fixed damage values. You can, usually, get a higher-leveled gear with higher-leveled version of affix that grants proc, that gives it more base damage, there are several tiers for each affix.